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When people are looking at buying a home lift and where it is going to be installed, naturally there are lots of questions. The purchase of a domestic lift can be a big financial outlay for some people so, of course, customers want to be sure that they know everything they need to know about the lift.

One of the most common questions asked by customers is whether Stiltz Lifts are noisy? And the simple answer is no – and that is because Stiltz’s home lifts are one of the few domestic lifts on the market that do not use hydraulic equipment for the lift to travel from one floor to the next.

While traditional hydraulic home lifts can crash and bang and also make vibration noises, the Stiltz Lift is powered by an electric motor system that plugs straight into the wall so it is very quiet – in fact it can hardly be heard at all.

The lift plugs into a normal 13 amp power socket – or for USA customers a 220v power outlet or 110v power outlet with step-up transformer. The motor itself is hidden from view and situated on top of the lift. Hydraulic lifts are powered by electronic pumps that transmit hydraulic fluid to a jack with the lift pushed up and down by a piston at the base that can make a lot of noise.

As the first non-hydraulic home lift to be launched worldwide, the Stiltz Lift is unique and, in fact, the only one of its kind on the market. The fact the lift does not require loud mechanical equipment was an integral part of the thinking behind the lift during the initial manufacturing stage.

With the lift travelling via a dual rail system that is bolted into the floor of the home – with the appropriate aperture cut out of the above ceiling –  this means the lift can be fitted practically anywhere in a home. Hydraulic lifts, however, are very restrictive in where they can be installed in a house.

There are several typical applications for a Stiltz Lift but the permutations for where it can be installed are endless. The lift includes many safety features as standard, the required ceiling height is 2,370mm although this can be made 150mm shorter and many people are now choosing them as an alternative to a stairlift.

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