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Stairlifts have for decades been the most common way of lifting people who need help with mobility up and downstairs. But times are changing with more and more customers deciding that domestic lifts are an ideal alternative as they meet their requirements more closely.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the many safety features the Stiltz Lift offers as standard compared to a stairlift. A domestic lift also appeals to users as it means they can independently move around their home unaided, while with a stairlift they may require assistance from a carer or family member getting them on and off the device.

Some people have decided to choose the Stiltz Lift because there is no risk of falling down the stairs. Unlike other residential lifts or elevators on the market, Stiltz domestic lifts do not use hydraulics or require load bearing walls and are powered by an electric motor that sits on the top of the lift that plugs straight into the wall. It is the only non-hydraulic domestic lift of its kind available in the UK.

The weight of the lift is carried on two strong steel cables and if these cables were to break or go slack, Stiltz’s patented fall arrest mechanism inside the hoist would activate and stop the lift from moving. This mechanism ensures the safety of all occupants at all times.

All Stiltz domestic lifts include a number of safety features that mean that cables wound never been able to break or go slack. For example, the lift includes top and safety pans that are located above and the below the lift. This means that if an object were to obstruct the lift as it travels, the lift simply stops.

Stiltz domestic lifts have a full height light curtain that acts as a sensor and ensures nothing crosses in or out of the lift as it travels. The lifts are fitted with weight limit sensors restricted to a carrying capacity of 27 stone and if this is ever exceeded, the lift will not travel.

Out of balance sensors will also detect if the lift is not balanced and stop it from travelling – and it even has a over speed detection sensor that will halt the lift if for whatever reason the lift travels even a fraction too fast.

While stairlifts are ostensibly cheaper, the cost of a domestic lift is more affordable than you might think with its added safety features providing extra peace of mind for the user.

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