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Home Lifts Range by Stiltz

Domestic lifts designed to make life easier and help stay in the home you love

The Stiltz Home Lift is the most versatile, stylish and cost-effective domestic lift solution on the market in the UK. Our innovative range of through floor home lifts are designed to make it easier to move between floors and help stay in the home you love.

Manufactured to the highest quality, domestic lifts from Stiltz Homelifts are freestanding, have a compact footprint, and travel on a unique rail design. With no supporting wall required, a Stiltz lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

All Stiltz residential lifts are fully electric and powered by simply plugging them straight into a standard 13 amp power socket just like any other household appliance. No other domestic lift available can offer you the same freedom and flexibility or enhance a living space in the same way.

With no noisy external hydraulics or vacuum drive systems to worry about, the Stiltz Home Lift is whisper quiet and standard remote controls allow you to move suitcases, heavy items, boxes, or anything else you need an extra pair of hands with.

Stiltz passenger lifts are fully compliant with all European safety standards and features include a battery back-up, full or half height doors, obstruction sensors, key lock to stop unauthorised use, an optional seat and grab bar.

Investing in a high-quality Stiltz Lift can be cost-effective when compared to down-sizing or making expensive alterations to a property – and can even add value to your home. Stiltz also supply a range of wheelchair lifts.

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I needed a lift installing urgently into our home as my husband had taken seriously ill. Stiltz gave me a great service during a particularly worrying period. He’s better now but overall a great decision to have it installed and it’s futureproofed our home.
Mrs Young via Trustpilot

The Duo+ Home Lift is a fun and versatile alternative to a stairlift and is also a great solution for homeowners exploring ways of future-proofing their property. Designed to transport two people up one floor in under 30 seconds, the Duo+ is a stylish, compact home lift which is elegantly curved and designed to compliment any style of décor.

  • Ideal alternative to a stairlift
  • Small footprint of 0.55m2 (less than seven square feet)
  • Comfortably carries two people
  • Range of lifts include Classic and Thru Car (open on both sides)

The Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift is our wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less mobile. Larger than the Duo but still surprisingly compact, all Trio home elevator models are designed for wheelchair users with wider entry and exit points and a ramp included as standard. The Trio+ also provides lift solutions for those with disabilities and people with walking frames.

  • Accommodates a standard wheelchair
  • Small footprint of 1.25m2
  • Comfortably carries three people
  • Range of lifts include Single Door or Thru Car (open on both sides)
Our Stiltz lift is a raving success. It's proved 100 per cent reliable since it was installed two years ago, and it’s smooth and quiet in use. Five stars and total recommendation.
Mr & Mrs Pybus via Trustpilot

I love my homelift. I’ve shown it to several friends and two of our friends with Parkinson’s have already had a Stiltz lift installed as a result. It’s made our lives so much easier.
Mrs Lees via Trustpilot

The Stiltz Homelift has been invaluable. Earlier this year I had a total knee replacement and it would have been impossible to get up the stairs without it.
Mr Payne via Trustpilot

Typical Home Lift Applications

Our through floor lifts travel on self-supporting rails that carry the weight of the lift car eliminating the need for load bearing walls. The only building work required is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors with a typical lift installation taking just one day.*

Standard Retrofit


This is our most popular configuration. Our range of home lifts can travel between a ground floor room such as a living room and arrive upstairs, typically in a master bedroom.

Stairwell Void

Stairwell Void/Landing

If there is enough room in the turn of a staircase, this positioning option makes use of the dead space in the void making a Stiltz lift car even more unobtrusive.

Cupboard to Cupboard

Cupboard to Cupboard

Thanks to the compact nature of our domestic lifts, you can choose to have your lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling

Sloping/vaulted ceilings

Our vertical rails need to be fixed to a horizontal surface but do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling as at Stiltz Homelifts we can provide subtle solutions to overcoming pitched roof installations.



If you are looking to travel from your garage safely into your home, we can build a simple shaft around your home lift to take into account health and safety considerations.



Unique to Stiltz is the Thru Car concept which enables users to enter and exit through opposite sides of the lift - this is excellent for wheelchair users or for lifts built into a stairwell void.

As Seen In

Our lift was successfully installed yesterday. We’re delighted with it and all members of the team who worked on it.

Mr. & Mrs. W.

Everyone we dealt with has been cheerful and professional and we felt they were genuinely interested in our custom.

Mr. C.

No sooner had we installed the lift, my husband had a fall. Having the Stiltz Home Lift means he can still get upstairs when needed.

Mrs. S.

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