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How much space will a Home Lift require in my home?

The most compact lift in the Stiltz Home Lift range, the Duo, has a footprint that is just 0.62m2. This is the smallest footprint on the market for a residential lift.

Where can I put a Stiltz Home Lift?

A Stiltz Home Lift allows for an unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement. Due to the lift’s size, drive mechanism and unique dual rail supports, the lift can be put in numerous places throughout a home. Never before have people had such freedom with a lift, we can simply go where other lifts cannot. The lift can be put in a cupboard, in the corner or even the middle of a room.

Does a Stiltz Home Lift require any extra external mechanisms?
 (Or the clever bit as to why it takes up so little room!)

No. A Stiltz Home Lift uses a roped drum braked gear motor drive system. This entire drive system is neatly self-contained within the lift car itself. Unlike other lifts, all of the mechanics are in one place, hidden from view.

Does a Stiltz Home Lift require any load bearing walls?

No. Our unique dual rail system creates a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails into the floor of the home. The Stiltz Lift does not add any extra burden on a home thanks to this clever system.

What is the required building work?

Unlike conventional lifts, all that a Stiltz Home Lift requires for installation is the appropriate aperture to be cut out and trimmed by a professional builder. The work itself is minimal and not very time consuming; it usually takes a builder one day to complete a standard application.

Do I require planning permission to install a Home Lift?

The good news is, no. To install a Stiltz Home Lift in your home the maximum requirement needed is a standard building notice application. This is a straightforward process that involves an inspection by an authorized independent body. This inspection is usually carried out during the building works phase. We organize the whole process on your behalf.

How long does it take to install a Home Lift?

A Stiltz Home Lift is always fitted by our own directly employed and expert Stiltz engineers. Once the aperture has been prepared for the lift, our engineers will be able to fit the Home Lift and have it operational in one day. The price of installation is always included in any price Stiltz quotes you.

What is the lead-time for a Stiltz Home Lift?

Our normal lead-time from the placement of order to project completion is six to eight weeks. This allows enough time to cut and trim the aperture, manufacture and install the lift. In situations where a solution is needed more quickly, for example a relative or friend being discharged from hospital, then we can prioritize your installation and provide a more urgent solution, within two to three weeks where necessary.

What happens if we no longer require the lift in the future?

First point to make is that a Stiltz lift is easy to remove and, if you would like to, you can take it with you when you move house! It is very straightforward to reverse the aperture opening and seal it up so it looks like it was never there. Most clients keep their lifts in position even when they move. The vast majority of times estate agents report that having a domestic lift adds value to the property and is an attractive asset when selling. On some occasions, depending on how old your home lift is, if you no longer require it, Stiltz may be interested in purchasing the unit. In these circumstances, we would quote you a value at the time of your enquiry over repurchase.

What compliance standard or code does a Stiltz Home Lift adhere to?

All Stiltz Lifts fully comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This compliance allows all Stiltz Home Lifts to have a CE mark and therefore legally sold throughout Europe. The Trio falls into the machinery directive as it only travels at 0.15 meters per second.

What makes a Stiltz Lift safe?

Top and bottom safety pans: When the lift is moving, two safety pans are always working to make sure nothing is obstructing the lift as it travels. These are located above the Home Lift and below it. So if a pet or an object was to obstruct the lift as it travels, the lift will simply stop and only move in the direction away from the obstruction.

Full height light curtain: The full height light curtain is located at the entrance to the lift. This acts as a sensor and ensures nothing crosses into or out of the lift as it travels. This prevents any dangers to passengers in the lift and also people outside the lift. In the event the light curtain is crossed, the lift will stop and will not move until the obstruction is removed.

Hold-to-run press button controls: The Stiltz Lift is fitted with hold to run press button controls ensuring that the occupants are in total control of the lift moving at all times. This also creates a point of contact with the lift during travel and ensures the safety of the occupants.

Swing Door: The home lift is fitted with a self-closing, hinged door (this comes in both half height and full height varieties) that provides a physical barrier during the operation of the lift. The door locks will release when the lift arrives safely at the floor of choice.

Weight limit sensors: The lift is restricted to a carrying capacity of 170kg, 27 stone or 375 pounds. If this weight limit is ever exceeded, the weight limit sensors will not allow the lift to travel.

Out of balance sensors: If the lift for whatever reason is ever out of balance, a number of sensors will detect this and also prevent the lift from travelling. This is to ensure the safe working of the lift for all occupants.

Fall arrest mechanism: Due to the Stiltz Home Lift unique drive system, all the weight in the lift is carried on two very strong steel cables. In the unlikely event that these cables were to break or go slack, the patented fall arrest mechanism inside the lift will activate and not allow the lift to move. This ensures the absolute safety of all occupants at all times.

How long is the warranty on a Stiltz Home Lift?

Each Stiltz Home Lift comes with a standard two year parts and labour warranty. This also includes a free of charge service at the start of the lift’s second year of warranty cover.

What if the power goes out whilst I am travelling in the lift?

In the event of a power cut to the home all Stiltz Home Lifts are equipped with a battery backup facility. This comes standard with the lift and will allow the users of the lift to descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on. We do also offer the option of an uninterrupted power supply. This system can be installed at an extra cost but will allow for numerous trips both up and down whilst the main power to the lift is out.

Is a Stiltz Home Lift noisy?

Unlike most other Home Lifts on the market, the Stiltz product does not use hydraulics or loud mechanical equipment. Our lift uses a unique electric motor drive system that is located discreetly in the top of the lift car and this system is very quiet.

Can I change the look of my home lift?

Yes. Each Stiltz Home Lift can be tailored to your specific taste. The carpet, rail and car colours can all be changed to suit your home. We also offer a range of different seats and handrails. People often hang pictures as a way of interior decorating their home lift!

What is the average price of a Stiltz Home Lift?

The price of a Stiltz Home Lift depends on various factors associated with site conditions. The only way to give an accurate quote for your home is to contact Stiltz on 0844 870 9087 and arrange a time for one of our team to visit your home and thoroughly outline the costs for you.

Why should I choose a Stiltz Home Lift?

A Stiltz Home Lift is an astute addition to any home, much like a new kitchen or bathroom it can be viewed as an investment. When you install a Stiltz Home Lift fitted you are “future proofing” your home, allowing you the maximum time in your long-term home. With the Stiltz Home Lift you are also investing in your quality of life. You are giving yourself the gift of easy access to your whole home. You can once again use you home to its full potential.

How do I go about getting free advice?

If you require any clarification on any of these answers or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stiltz can be contacted by phone on 0844 870 9087, email – or online at

We have a national team of technical surveyors dotted around the country, which makes it easy for us to visit you in your home and provide a free, no-obligation quotation on all Stiltz products. It does not matter to us whether you want to buy now, soon or very much in the future; we love explaining our products and are happy to do this at any point that suits you.

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Stiltz beat the competition hands down by the home lift’s small footprint, technical brilliance and elegant design.

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