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The shops maybe awash with Valentine merchandise such as cards and exceedingly expensive roses, but you don’t need any of these to celebrate the real meaning of love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic amour; it’s about loving what you have. Take time to appreciate what gives you pleasure, be that friends, family, pets or even your home. Our homes hold a special place in our hearts, but occasionally that relationship can turn sour. And the usual suspect throwing a spanner in the works is? The stairs.

Enter Cupid – in a Stiltz Homelift.

There’s no place for unrequited love at Stiltz Homelifts. With a domestic lift you’ll always be counting your blessings and not the remaining stairs as you struggle to reach the top.

Just like a bad relationship, it might seem easier to walk away from the stairs and live life without them. No one wants to feel like they have to scale the north face of the Eiger just to get upstairs to bed. But we can show you another love, a real head-turner that will treat you properly and replace the need for stairs once and for all.

You’ll be head over heels with your Stiltz Homelift – in a good way. Your spirits will soar as you rise through the floors with ease. You might even be tempted to write a love poem, and if you did, it might go something like this…

My home lift, my forever love

Farewell old stairs
With steps so steep
Hello Stiltz Homelift
Our love runs deep.


Goodbye to the climb
The struggle, the strain
Being with you
Takes away the pain.


No more weary legs
Or heavy sighs
In Stiltz embrace
Our love shall rise.

You might as well face it, you’re addicted to loving Stiltz and your home lift.

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