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Stiltz Home Lifts to the Rescue for the Blueman family
Jasmine, Stockport

The Bluemans were almost two years into the process of trying to get a through-floor lift fitted via a local authority Disability Facilities Grant when, on installation day, nothing happened. This is when in desperation, they turned to Stiltz for help. We asked Andy Blueman, an airfield operations manager at Manchester Airport, to reflect on his family’s long journey to get where they are now. 

Read the Blueman’s full story here.

A Stiltz Home Lift Enriches Life of Visually-Impaired User
Craig Mucznik, Nottingham

There are always some things worth fighting for and Craig Mucznik felt exactly like that about his Stiltz home lift. We caught up with him a year after he finished his ambitious two-storey extension and he tells us what a difference having a Stiltz domestic lift installed in his home has made to his life, and about the obstacles, he overcame to make sure it all went according to plan.

Read Craig’s full story here.

Stiltz Home Lift ensures family home remains cherished
The Joneses, Frinton-on-Sea

When you find your perfect home in the perfect location, the last thing you want is to be forced to leave when reduced mobility makes access upstairs difficult. So when Judith and Tony Jones found themselves in this situation, they turned to Stiltz Homelifts to provide the solution.

Read the Joneses full story here.

Homelift fast-tracks freedom for disabled motorsport driver
Aaron Morgan, Basingstoke

Following a life-changing accident, Aaron Morgan was left paralysed from the waist down with a broken vertebrae and spinal cord. Aaron talks about his life on and off the track, and how having a Stiltz Homelift installed has finally given him the same freedom at home as he enjoys on the racing track.

Read Aaron’s full story here.

Homelift creates an accessible environment for Reverend.
Yvonne Desroches, Northampton

Following a stroke in June 2020, Reverend Yvonne Desroches, 63, from Northamptonshire was left with reduced mobility down her right side. Yvonne tells us how she had to adapt to her new level of mobility as a full-time wheelchair user.

Read Yvonne’s full story here.

Home Lift Helps Manage CRPS Pain
Helena Stone, London

A university student can now safely move between the floors in her home inside a Stiltz Home Lift after being virtually bed bound due to a rare condition which causes severe pain in both legs. Helena Stone from Islington in London has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Read Helena’s full story here.

Adapted Living for Stroke Survivor Stephen
Stephen Waller, Brampton

After suffering from a Stroke, Stephen Waller, 63, was mostly paralysed down his right-hand side and has spent the last 18 months working on gaining back what mobility he can. Mr Waller was looking for a way to safely travel between floors as his stairs were becoming too difficult to navigate, and he was struggling with his balance.

Read Stephen’s full story here.

Dani is Regaining her Independence
Dani Watts, Berkshire

After suffering a life-changing injury whilst playing rugby for the Reading-based RAMS RFC, Dani Watts has been speaking to ITVs Meridian News to share her story of how she is gaining back her independence with help from both the Injured Players Foundation and in her home with a Stiltz Homelift.

Read Dani’s full story here.

Regaining Independence after Spinal Injury.
Dani Watts, Berkshire

In 2019 Dani Watts had a Stiltz Homelift installed to help her regain independence in her family home. Now, following the Coronavirus Pandemic and the lockdown across the UK, we’ve gone back to speak to Dani about how her Homelift has helped with accessibility, independence and family life while being locked down in her home.

Read Dani’s full story here.

No Further Need to Worry About Moving House.
Christopher Knowles, Cambs

Christopher Knowles’ degenerative muscular condition meant that he faced the real prospect of having to move to a single-storey property. However, by building a stunning glazed extension and installing a Stiltz Home Lift, he can now stay put in the home he loves.

Read Christopher’s full story here.

Independent Living with Amputation
Helena Stone, London

In 2019 we interviewed Helena Stone, a then CPRS suffered who had a Stiltz Homelift installed to help her move through the floors of her home with ease. Since then, Helena made the brave decision to have her leg amputated to help ease the pain and we’ve gone back to find out how she’s been getting on.

Read Helena’s full story here.

Stiltz Supports Invictus Games Athlete at Home.
Josh Boggi, Wiltshire

The remarkable Josh Boggi was badly injured while serving in Afghanistan. Josh has worked hard to rebuild his life and talks openly about the challenges he has faced to overcome his injuries and return to peak levels fitness, including taking part in the Invictus Games!

Read Josh’s full story here.

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It costs a lot of money to move house but investing in a Stiltz domestic lift has meant we can stay in the home we love.
Paul, 47

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