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Due to its unique size, drive mechanism and dual rail support system, the Stiltz Lift can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home. The innovative shape of non-hydraulic home lifts also means it can fit in even more places as its footprint is not a simple rectangle. But here are five typical applications for Stiltz domestic lifts which are favourite with our customers.

The most common place for Stiltz through floor lifts to be installed is a standard retrofit application with the lift travelling between a downstairs room such as a hallway or living room and going upstairs to a main bedroom or on the landing.

Many of our customers, particularly those with mobility problems, want to simply be able to get in their home lift at the end of an evening and go straight upstairs into their bedroom without any more effort needed before they go to sleep.

Another popular solution with Stiltz customers is the stairwell void application – this means a domestic lift can be installed using the dead space within a turning staircase. This is an ideal solution for people that would rather not have the lift installed in their living room or lounge and prefer to have the lift positioned in the same place as the stairs.

A great place for the Stiltz Lift is also the cupboard to cupboard application. This is possible because of the lift’s footprint which measures just 0.62m2 – the smallest of any domestic lifts on the market in the United Kingdom. Because of its super small size, the home lifts can be fitted in an airing cupboard or wardrobe for example.

Stiltz offer an exclusive feature for through floor lifts that means the domestic lifts are capable of having a double entry or thru-car configuration. This means that the home lift can cater for a thru car application that requires two entrances. In order to achieve this, the lift is fitted with two half weight interlocked doors instead of one, and landing gates which are interlocked, and also two sets of curtains so it is still just as safe as a regular Stiltz domestic lift.

The Stiltz Lift can also be installed as free standing home lift if there happens to be a very high ceiling or chapel in the upstairs of the house. The rail structure can simply be stopped at the correct height necessary. Stiltz lifts all travel up to one floor but multiple lifts can fitted in one property if required. We also offer wheelchair lifts and luxury home lifts from our home lifts range.

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