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Magic Moments

The bleak barrier of lockdown is finally lifting across the world and reconnecting with family and friends is high on everyone’s mind right now. And what better time than Christmas to be together with your loved ones? But don’t let barriers in your own home be the obstacle that stops you from making magic moments this festive season. We want you to live well at home long after the festive season is over and choosing a Stiltz home lift can make that happen; reigniting your confidence to step back into entertaining at home.

Stiltz Christmas Magic Moments

We understand the dilemma, you want to have the family over for Christmas but worry that your house is at odds with your mobility. Understandably you are reluctant to have old-fashioned aids around the house.  A cumbersome stairlift is not the Christmas miracle you’re looking for but it’s not miracles you need, it’s solutions.

Creating harmony

Sometimes it’s small changes that solve big problems and a Stiltz domestic lift is just that. With a compact footprint and easy installation, our home lifts are an elegant, contemporary way for you to access all parts of your home and transform how you spend time with family. Future-proofing a home, with products such as domestic lifts, for a time when mobility becomes an issue is something Jackie Cleveland, Founder of Podplan knows all about. “Having a proactive approach is key. Once you acknowledge mobility has to be addressed, you can be organised and prepare,” she explains, “Often it’s a knowledge barrier because you’re not aware there are amazing solutions out there, but once you’ve overcome that and put things in place, you will regain your confidence.”

Festive fun

So just what could you be doing then with this newfound freedom?  Maybe entertain the grandchildren by letting them ride in the domestic lift with you. Try surprising a loved one with breakfast in bed, on a tray, without having to negotiate the stairs. You could re-live your Santa Claus days and quietly sneak those presents into the stockings at the end of the bed. With a home lift, even more mundane tasks such as taking guests’ suitcases upstairs can become easy and worry-free. You can join in and be part of the team – your team.

Many of our best memories come from times of spontaneity, where life happens unhindered by external factors. Taking care of your mobility in the home means you’re much closer to being able to act in the moment. You won’t have to turn down reading a bedtime story, you can even amuse younger members of the family by taking the dog in the lift with you. Imagine not missing another pre-Christmas delivery because you took so long to get downstairs? On a more practical level, with Stiltz domestic lifts, you can get those laundry baskets up and down stairs or take the vacuum cleaner up into the bedrooms. Everyone will use their home lift differently, there are no rules because it’s designed to fit in with the way you live your life, whatever the time of year.

A Stiltz home lift isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for your future lifestyle.

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