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At some point in our lives, many of us will take on caring responsibilities. In fact, there are an estimated 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK who look after family members with disability or illness; senior relatives who are frailer in later life, as well as friends or neighbours. This number is expected to grow.

The role of caring is an important and valuable one, but it is often unexpected. We can be unprepared for the extra duties involved, such as bathing, toileting and other personal care, cleaning and shopping, prescription collections and hospital visits. We may already be juggling our job with a young family or travelling a considerable distance each day, so additional caring responsibilities can create stress and consume precious time. Ultimately, many of us feel guilty that we simply are not doing our best.

There is a lot of support for carers from organisations such as Carers UK. However, feasible solutions are not always clear or affordable. Care homes and later living housing options can be expensive and are not always an acceptable choice by the individual or family members.

At Stiltz Home Lifts, we believe that home adaptations, such as the installation of domestic lifts, can significantly ease daily living pressures for those of us with caring responsibilities as well as for people with restricted mobility. A Stiltz domestic lift, for example, ensures those we are caring for can remain independent and continue living in the home they love with safe access to enable them to complete daily tasks. If carer assistance is required, a Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift can carry up to three people or provide ample room for a wheelchair or walker.

Many of our senior relatives currently reside alone in homes that do not support safe, independent living. If they struggle to use the stairs, they may need to be carried to an upstairs bedroom or bathroom – which can be an undignified and physically draining experience for everyone involved. According to Carers UK, the significant demands of caring mean that 600 people give up work every day to care for a disabled or older relative. Specialist home adaptations can provide safe, affordable access and positive living which reduce or even remove the burden of care.

Stiltz Home Lifts works closely with highly-respected accessibility champion, Emma Luddington from Living Well at Home. Emma provides guidance on easier living solutions within the home for those with limited mobility. Together, we believe that with the right advice and specialist adaptations, such as domestic lifts, our loved ones can remain safely independent at home, providing peace of mind for all.

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