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Supplementing successful ageing:

vitamins and minerals to help make a difference

As we age, required nutrients change but which ones genuinely make a positive impact on our health?  Sometimes, even maintaining a balanced diet doesn’t always give us the vitamins and minerals we need.

We sort the facts from the fads and objectively explore the benefits of supplements.*

Make no bones about taking calcium
Maintaining strong and healthy bones is crucial as fractures and osteoporosis risks increase with age. The Royal Osteoporosis Society highlights that around 3 million people in the UK are living with this bone-weakening condition. Add bone-building calcium to an already well-balanced diet and you’ll be well on the way to giving your skeletal system the vital support it needs. If osteoporosis has been diagnosed, do seek professional advice though as a further blend of specialist supplements can achieve a more effective result.

Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain; slowing us down as we age. Sadly, there’s no magic cure and surgery is often the only option. However, there is some evidence to suggest Glucosamine Sulphate (with or without added Chondroitin) may provide some relief for damaged cartilage.  Research results are mixed but there are signs some people do benefit. We suggest giving it a try to see how it works for you.

The overlooked hero in bone health is Vitamin D as it’s crucial to aid the absorption of calcium. In theory, sunlight exposure through our skin will provide sufficient Vitamin D, but in reality, with our unpredictable weather in the UK we can’t count on this for our recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Boost up your barriers
Vitamin D is quite the unsung supplement superstar. It is crucial for the immune system, helping to fight off viruses and bacteria, plus it’s thought to benefit the respiratory system and may stave off some cancers. Ten micrograms of Vitamin D per day are recommended especially in autumn and winter.

Another essential nutrient is Vitamin C which has a big impact on the immune system; strengthening its response, and protecting against common infections. As an antioxidant, it fights off free radicals, which are atoms thought to contribute in part to illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. If you know you’re not getting enough Vitamin C via your diet, then it’s an easy one to supplement with chewable or soluble tablets.

Brain power

Staying mentally agile, along with being mobile, is one of our greatest assets as we age.

The B group of vitamins (B6 and B12) help with cognitive function as does folic acid (B9). You’ll find them in leafy green veg, fortified breakfast cereals and wholegrain breads. All are available to take in tablet form if your diet isn’t giving you enough, and the RDA is always on the label.

Lifting your mood

Think of supplements as a bit of a helping hand … just like a Stiltz Homelift. Both are there in the background, working to help you get the most out of life. “A home lift from Stiltz enables you to live life well, on your terms, in your own home, for longer,” says CEO Mike Lord. “Making sure you’re protected at home, a domestic lift provides independence and positivity in everyday life and means you don’t need to take unnecessary risks.” You can see taking supplements as the same – look after yourself now and look forward with confidence.

* Remember though, if you are on prescribed medication check with your healthcare provider that any supplement you are considering won’t interfere adversely with anything you’re currently taking.

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