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John Alimi, Product Manager for Stiltz Home Lifts joined the business in August 2019 after graduating from Cambridge University with his Masters in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management (ISMM). During his course he found having the opportunity to go out and do work experience in SMEs was a real eye opener and when he joined Stiltz, this was something he wanted to spearhead and bring to Stiltz.

Eight months on and four students have just finished a two-week work experience project.

From 12th March, four students from Cambridge University, who are studying the same course John had, ISMM, joined Stiltz Home Lifts for two weeks of work experience. John explains why; “As part of the course, students generally work closely with different companies to solve real-life industry problems. This industry-academia collaboration provides a win-win outcome for both the students and the company; the students gain some valuable industrial experiences and we also get some bright young minds for a couple of weeks to advance some of our projects.”

Based in our Kingswinford office, the students worked on two projects based around product development and market research. Once the research was completed and projects finalised, they concluded by presenting their findings and ideas on how we can improve our products for our customers and ensure that we are providing something that our customers will love. (We can’t give too much away now can we!)

But what did they get out of the experience? John explains, “It is always exciting for students to apply some of the knowledge they have gained at university to solve real-life problems in companies. The students got to work on top level strategic projects which has certainly contributed to their professional development. Working in a different industry broadened their perspective and experience and would help to open doors to a wide range of industrial companies. It was also an opportunity for them to get a feel for working in an SME.”

John finished “I think the students definitely did a great job. The Covid-19 situation was particularly challenging for the students, as some of the students had collaborate remotely with other team members. Despite the additional challenges, the students managed to deliver excellent projects. Kudos to them for getting the job done!”.

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