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Across National Careers Week we have been looking at the different careers and job roles within Stiltz Home Lifts and what each of the people whose careers we are describing, do each and every day. Mike Lord has answered some important questions to explain how he got to where he is today and what it takes to be the CEO of Stiltz.


Q: What is your background in?
Mike: “I’m originally from Lancashire and moved to the Midlands in 1993 for my first job in the mobility industry. By education I am a business graduate with a final year specialisation in marketing. I spent the early part of my career in manufacturing, moving quickly to business systems. I was fortunate to get a good grounding from then on in product management, sales management, product development and eventually general management. My first director’s job was in customer service and most of my career has been spent in the independent living/mobility/accessibility industry.

Q: How did you become a CEO?
Mike: “The simple answer is by promoting myself! I was involved in leading a management buyout which enabled me to move from sales and marketing director to CEO. It is something I had always wanted to do and had been working towards all my career. I have a very generalist background and learnt the finance part along the way from the base knowledge I had from university. I have to say, the understanding of business processes early in my career was a big foundation, but all the other experience accumulated over time. Jack of all trades and master of none! The final and most important bit is people skills and leadership and this is probably the bit that came to me most naturally.”

Q: As a CEO, what does a typical day look like for you?
Mike: “Talking with people is the common theme for most days. This can be through formal meetings or just talking about any issues with my senior team or other people throughout the business customers, shareholders and anyone else who will listen! One of the tricks is getting a conclusion on the action that come from these discussions and making sure it’s on a to do list with a name against it. Beyond this it’s the same as for other roles; keeping on top of emails (or not), making sure any actions I have are completed and organising!

Q: How involved are you with the day to day activities of the business?
Mike: “Probably not in a detailed way. There is a balance for a chief executive to know what’s going on and make sure that the detail is being carried out but not to get dragged into the detail on an hour by hour, day by day basis. My job is to set and communicate strategy, agree tactics and make sure the wider team have the resources and ability to deliver.”

Q: How would you explain what it’s like working for Stiltz Home Lifts?
Mike: “We are a fast-growing dynamic company and the market leader in our very specialised market. That means that there won’t be dull day and there is always change happening. However, if you like that type of environment then this is a rewarding place to work. We massively change peoples’ lives with our products, we aspire to fantastic customer service and because of our growth the career opportunities are good. We have a great culture focused on customers and our Stiltz Team. We offer good packages with everyone sharing in the success with our profit growth bonus scheme and a lot of soft benefits as well.”

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