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Stiltz Homelifts has always sought to work with customer-focused businesses across the globe which reflect their own ambitions for the brand. These are partners who help us bring the innovative Stiltz domestic lift products to homes around the world. 

Australia’s Compact Lifts has worked with Stiltz Homelifts for over eight years and are one of our longest-established trading partners, so we felt it was time to learn more about them.

The beginnings of Compact Home Lifts

Compact Home Lifts was founded by business partners Damien Boyle and Daniel Mawson. Originally trading as Next Level Elevators, their diverse product offering included Stiltz Homelifts alongside the more traditional residential and through-floor home elevators. 

Daniel Mawson - Director of Compact Home LiftsDaniel said: “When a pattern started emerging, and it was becoming evident a significant demand for affordable, small home lifts was opening up, we decided to speak to Lachlan Faulkner (Co-founder & CCO) and Mike Lord (CEO and Chairman) of Stiltz Homelifts to give the Stiltz product line a standalone identity to operate under in Australia and called it Compact Home Lifts.”


A growing business

Since the Compact Lifts brand launched in 2015, the domestic lift business has grown considerably. This growth has led to establishing multiple teams in key Australian locations, with showrooms acting as administrative hubs for crucial office staff. These hubs also allowed for the development of clearly defined communications on the strength of the Stiltz domestic lift products but localised to suit each territory specifically. 

Damien Boyle - Director of Compact Home LiftsDamien added: “We sell across most states in Australia with showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. Both have working home lifts which we can use to demonstrate the products, and this has proven to be a great sales aid. When people see the products in action, it gives them confidence in moving forwards.

“The Duo+ domestic lift has been most popular in the Australian market. The exceptionally small footprint and smart design has proved a gamer changer with customers looking to retrofit the product into existing homes. Ultimately, the Duo+ has helped many Australians stay in the home they love.”

With accelerated growth over the last few years as a direct result of the introduction of the ‘Plus’ range of products, it is no wonder the business has gone from strength to strength, and the plan is for this to continue in 2023 and beyond. Daniel added: “In 2023, we plan to continue expanding our network and reach. We want to ensure that more and more Australians have access to this amazing, life-changing product. There are still people in Australia who aren’t aware they can stay in the home they love with the help of the innovative range of Stiltz home lift products.” 

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