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Most domestic lifts on the market today use hydraulics with some requiring three-phase electricity power. This means they use more power when in operation which can result in expensive electricity bills. Because of the mechanics involved conventional lifts are not always easy to install causing quite the headache.

But what is different about Stiltz’s range of home lifts is that they use single phase power and simply plug into any normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance.

The Stiltz lift draws between two and three amps and for one boil of your kettle can make four return trips upstairs. There is also no hard wiring or additional external power packs needed to power Stiltz’s through-floor lifts.

So how are the lifts powered? Well, a Stiltz lift uses a roped drum braked gear electric motor drive system so no extra external mechanisms are required at all. This is discreetly located at the top of the lift and hidden from view. Conventional lifts can make a lot of noise on ascent and descent but because Stiltz’s domestic lifts do not use that use hydraulics or loud mechanical equipment the lifts are very quiet.

The lifts also do not need load bearing walls unlike other through-floor lifts on the market that are out there. Instead Stiltz’s lifts boast a unique dual rail system. This creates a completely self-supporting structure meaning no extra weight burden is added on a home. The weight of the entire structure and lift is carried in compression through the rails into the floor of the house.

Most conventional lifts usually involve a lot of building work which can prove costly, time consuming and stressful. However with a Stiltz lift only the appropriate aperture has to be cut out and trimmed such as the ceiling and floor of the room the lift is going up into. This can usually be completed by a professional builder in one day for a standard retrofit application.

The Stiltz lift has the smallest footprint on any other home lift on the market today at just 0.62m². Its unique shape means it can fit just about anywhere in the home. In fact, it very unlikely you would not be able to have a Stiltz Home Lift fitted in your home.

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