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One of the most common questions we get asked at Stiltz Lifts when a customer is enquiring about the purchase of one of our home lifts is what will it look like from upstairs?

As you can see by the images of a recent lift installation in Surrey the outline of the lift in the bedroom, in this example, is of gold trim. The carpet has been retrieved from where the floor has been cut out and removed and securely placed on top of the lift so it is entirely in keeping with the room’s furnishings and décor as best illustrated in Image B. Image A illustrates how the upstairs bedroom looks when the lift is stationed in the living room at this lovely Leatherhead home.

The unique shape of a Stiltz lift means its footprint is not a simple rectangle allowing to fit almost anywhere in the home – even a small cupboard. The lift boasts the smallest of any residential lift on the market of just 0.62m2.

As can again be seen from the images, no load bearing walls are needed for our through floor lifts because of our unique dual rail system. These are fitted from the top of the ceiling in the bedroom right the way down to the living room, creating a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift is carried in compression through the rails into the floor of the home.

There are no extra external mechanisms needed as the lift uses a roped drum braked gear motor drive system which is neatly self-contained within the lift car itself. Unlike other domestic lifts on the UK market, all of the mechanics in are in one place and hidden from view.

The lead-time for a Stiltz lift is between 6-10 weeks and a standard installation can be completed in just one day. We can manage all building work or work with a supplier of your choice but the work is minimal.

The builder is required to simply cut out and trim the appropriate aperture using the templates provided by us. The templates provide a ‘cut and trim’ aspect to the building work and allow for accurate positioning and additional finishing. All Stiltz lifts are compliant with European safety standards and carry a standard two-year parts and labour warranty.

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