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Are you considering buying a home lift but wondering what happens if there is a power cut if you are travelling in your through-floor lift at the same time? Then do not worry as it is question we sometimes get asked at Stiltz Lifts so we thought it was worth covering in our Lifts Blog.

Although we do not tend to have many in the United Kingdom there are many causes of power cuts in the electricity network. A power cut, sometimes called a power outage or blackout, can be caused by a power line or electricity cable falling down, faults at power stations, short circuits, overloading of electricity mains or even due to routine maintenance by the network.

If you need electricity to help you move around your home, you may find it difficult if there is a power cut. If a power cut happens during daylight hours it may not affect your normal routine too much, provided you do not need to turn on the lights, listen to music or watch television for example – but you may still want to use your home lift during this time.

At Stiltz, we prepare for every eventuality so all our domestic lifts are equipped with a battery back-up facility if a power cut occurs. This is a standard fitting and simply allows the users of the lift to descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on.

Stiltz’s through-floor lifts users can, therefore, be rest assured that they should never be stuck in their lift when a power may occur. As soon as the mains power returns, the lift simply returns to normal working order. It is completely unaffected by the disruption of the power cut or outage just like most other electrical appliances.

Stiltz also offer the option of an uninterruptable power supply for added peace of mind which is relatively affordable and can give you extra time using the lift once the power cut has occurred. The length of runtime depends on the UPS you choose for your lift.

Adding a UPS to your home lift can be particularly useful if you wish to remain upstairs during the power cut, rather than descending automatically to the lower level of your home. This system can be installed at an extra cost but will allow for numerous trips both up and down while the main power to the lift is out.

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