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The term wheelchair lifts can mean a different type of mobility solution to many people and can often lead to confusion.

Designed to provide an easy alternative to the stairs, a wheelchair lift is often described as a ‘platform lift’. It is usually a fully powered device that is capable of lifting a wheelchair and its occupant up over a certain height.

‘Platform lifts’ can be used internally or externally and are also known as ‘vertical lifts’ or ‘step lifts’ and can be used for residential or commercial use.

Another popular term for a wheelchair lift is a ‘through floor lift’ that is designed to go ‘through the floor’ above in a house. Many of these types of lifts use hydraulics and are lifts for wheelchairs users that are specifically for the home and not to be confused with ‘platform lifts’.

The Trio Lift from Stiltz is a wheelchair through floor lift that is a type of ‘home lift’ that does not use loud mechanical equipment and is the only lift of its kind available on the UK market. Instead it is powered by a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system that is self-contained within the lift car itself. The lift plugs straight into any normal 13amp power socket just like any other household appliance

The Trio wheelchair lift also does not require load-bearing walls and instead uses a unique dual rail system that creates a completely self-supporting structure. Due to the technical brilliance of this system, the lift does not add any extra weight burden on the home.

Based on the Stiltz Duo Lift – the Trio offers all the same great features as its predecessor but has a deeper lift and wider opening which allows extra space to accommodate a standard wheelchair. This more versatile footprint and larger lift is 1040mm wide by 1080mm deep.

These types of wheelchair home lifts are ideal for wheelchairs users as it means they can move around their home independently. It is also the ideal alternative to a stairlift that may require the user to be assisted on and off the device.

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