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Following the success of the Stiltz Duo Lift in 2010, we returned to the research and development department to launch the next Stiltz lift, the Vista Lift, two years later.

Launched as the first domestic through floor lift in the world to be made of structural polycarbonate, the Vista Lift is also a luxury home lift and the only one available to have a completely ‘clear’ lift car. The idea for this came about as we were keen to create a sophisticated version of the Duo Lift that would blend into a room without almost being seen and cater for the luxury home lifts market.

That way when the lift was installed it would cause minimal disruption to any existing décor and furnishings. It’s neutral or ‘see-through’ lift car would also allow it to bring natural light into a room. The lifts are perfect for installing in front of an existing window for example and can even be installed around the house.

Some of our customers are elderly or retired with mobility problems and have lived in their homes for a number of years so redecorating their living room for example to accommodate a home lift may not have been an option they would want to consider. This could be because they might not want to change the particular décor or it could result in further financial outlay as they may have had to hire a painter or decorator.

To make life easier, the Vista Lift eliminates this problem and minimises the amount of disruption caused as the lift is designed to simply blend in to any room and become part of the furniture. The Vista Lift is also our premium lift in the Stiltz Home Lifts Range and is very modern and sleek in design and has a futuristic feel to it that can equally complement a room with it offering the smallest footprint of any residential lift on the market.

While the Vista Lift is a perfect alternative to a stairlift for people with mobility problems, it is also an option for people looking for a more luxurious lifestyle. These luxury home lifts combine technical innovation with sophisticated style and can be a wonderful addition to any home and also increase the value of the property if you decide to sell the house in the future.

The Vista Lift operates in exactly the same way as its predecessor, the Duo Lift, so no load-bearing walls are required and the lift does not use hydraulics. Instead it uses a unique dual rail system and is powered by a self-contained motor system inside the lift car that delivers the same flawless performance with still just usually a day to install.

The Lift also includes all the same innovative safety features as the Duo, a half-height swing door, two remote controls to call the lift to any floor, an interior seat and internal LED downlights.

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