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Credits: Image from Irish Examiner.

In early 2022 Stiltz of Ireland supported DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland to install Stiltz Trio+ wheelchair-accessible homelifts for two families who had an urgent need to improve their quality of life at home. First was the Costello family. 

The DIY SOS team, alongside a crew of multi-skilled volunteers, transformed the Costello family home into an accessible haven for mother-of-four Laura. Thanks to the work of Stiltz and other generous manufacturers who donated their products and time, Laura has been able to resume independent living at last. At the heart of the family home, the Stiltz Trio+ Homelift granted an emotional Laura her wish, which is to once again be able to read her children their bedtime stories.

To read the article on how the remodelling from DIY SOS gave her “a second chance at a great life”, click here.

Director of Trade Sales, Gino Farruggio, adds, “Stiltz of Ireland, who cover both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, has been making significant headway since being honoured with the privilege of being the UK’s first “Stiltz of” dealer.

The business first partnered with Stiltz of Ireland, which is owned by NSN Homelifts, in 2015. They were our first dealer outside of the UK, and since then, have gone from strength to strength as a trusted installer of Stiltz Domestic Elevators. 

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