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A new home lift website has been launched in the UK which will list Stiltz domestic lifts as one of its potential solutions to customers.

Homelift Experts ( has been set up to help homeowners looking for a through floor lift recommend the right home lift for them by its team of specialists.

The team at Homelift Experts can assist customers with the correct size and style of domestic lift required and work to their specific budget. They can also provide help to users who are looking for a home lift large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, or a product which can provide multiple floor access.

Stiltz Lifts is listed on the Buyer’s Guide of the Homelift Experts website, along with other home lift companies who can offer a wide range of solutions.

Potential customers will first need to call the Homelift Experts team and make an appointment for one of their consultants to visit the home. The specialist will then help homeowners decide on the right product and the best location to position the lift in the property.

Homelift Experts will provide a detailed quotation for the customer to approve and place their order. A technical specialist will subsequently make an appointment to carry out a detailed site survey.

Each lift company will be responsible for all the building work, including cutting the aperture, and the installation of the chosen home lift, which usually takes as little as a single day. Companies will offer a free 12-month warranty, with 24/7 customer support which includes a first service. There will also be the option to purchase an extended warrant for the domestic lift.

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