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Stiltz Lifts launched its first TV promotional campaign on a local London television channel this month.

The domestic lift manufacturer has been working with London Live, which was launched four years ago by the owners of the London Evening Standard.

Stiltz Lifts marketing manager Yola Mealing says the aim was to target customers in the capital and raise brand awareness about the company and its new range of home lifts, which includes the Stiltz Duo+ and Stiltz Trio+.

In a show called The Golden Years, which broadcast in early February, the six-minute slot featured interviews from members of staff filmed at the company’s headquarters in Kingswinford, West Midlands.

The film covered the installation of a new Stiltz Trio+ home lift into a modern home office extension and interviews with the customers, who spoke with great enthusiasm about the difference the lift had made to their lives.

Occupational therapy expert Stuart Barrow also contributed to the show by explaining how important it is for people to maintain their independence and remain in their own homes. He believes Stiltz home lifts can help homeowners achieve this as it provides them with an easier and safer way of travelling between floors when the stairs become difficult to use.

Stiltz Lifts has experienced rapid growth since it was founded in 2010 and has approved distributors in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and India. The company launched a luxury domestic lift brand, Lifton Home Lifts, in 2016.

Yola said: “We are very proud of our first TV promotional campaign with London Live which has enabled Stiltz to target customers specifically in London. We are always challenging ourselves as a business and experimenting with new marketing channels, so testing how TV works for us was the next logical step.”

Stiltz Lifts chief executive Mike Lord said: “We are the first company to market this type of home lift product worldwide. There have been other floor to floor lift products available for some years but we have reinvented the marketplace and taken it to ‘a new level’.

“We have taken the elegance of a home elevator which is an expensive product and tied that in with the convenience of what was traditionally called a through the floor lift. We are trying to make this product ubiquitous, that is to say, it is accessible to all and can go in everybody’s home – as naturally as people would buy a freezer or washing machine.”

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