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The vision for the next generation of home lifts is all about tailoring the product to the individual users’ needs according to the newly-appointed Product Manager at Stiltz Home Lifts.

John Alimi joins the home lift specialist as the business continues to rapidly expand its research and development team at their West Midlands Head Office.

Mr. Alimi, who recently gained a Master’s degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management from the University of Cambridge, revealed that dealers should expect to see future products driven by innovative and customer insights.

He explained: “One of my core objectives is for customer insight and human behavior trends to inform the next generation of Stiltz Home Lifts. This, together with embracing technology to drive effectiveness and efficiency will mean we continue to provide customers with the best product experience possible.”

Mr. Alimi has previously worked in the healthcare, building services and audio technology sectors. He was adamant joining Stiltz Home Lifts would be the best move for him as he felt the business was at an exciting development stage with what was already a ‘life-changing’ product range.

“I was particularly impressed with how Stiltz has spearheaded the development of a fledgling market,” said Mr Alimi. “The rapid growth of a completely new product category such as home lifts within the mobility, or indeed other traditional manufacturing industry, was almost unheard of.

“Stiltz produces a product that people want and felt empowered by, but what also attracted me to the company was the visionary individuals who make up the company’s leadership team. The values and energy of the business resonated with me and I was convinced I had found the right environment to grow with professionally.”

“The design has evolved significantly since the introduction of the first generation of home lifts. I expect them to continue to improve incrementally in terms design and functionality, becoming increasingly tailored towards meeting and exceeding individual customer needs and expectations in future. It’s a massively exciting time to be involved in the home lift market!”

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