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Stiltz Home Lifts has introduced a 24-hour, seven days a week technical response service specifically to support authorised partners.

The network of dealers has grown steadily since the domestic lift manufacturer launched the three-tier programme two years ago and the internal Stiltz support team has grown to reflect the demand.

This cross-discipline team which currently supports the dealer network is led by Stiltz Home Lifts UK Trade Sales Director, Gino Farruggio and covers technical training, marketing support and customer service.

Mr. Farruggio has revealed the company has been keen to expand the technical support and is now able to provide partners with full access to a Stiltz Home Lifts technical specialist; 24-hours day, seven days a week.

“The Stiltz dealer programme has come a long way since we introduced it in 2017 and we’re speaking with more and more dealers within the trade network about becoming authorised Stiltz partners all the time,” he said.

“To demonstrate our commitment to the growing partner programme and to recognise that more dealers continue to come on board, we felt it would be extremely useful for dealers, especially our Premier Partners, to have access to a 24-hour technical service line.

“Whilst everyone within a Premier Partner partnership who is involved in the sales, installation and maintenance of a Stlitz Home Lift has undergone comprehensive training, there may be occasions when dealers’ engineers have a question or be looking for a little additional help on more complex installations.

“Our partners love that the Stiltz Home Lift is easy to install and looks great in the home but we feel it’s important that the business provides them with the highest levels of technical support on a daily basis – and at all times. The introduction of the 24-hour hotline gives our partners – and also their customers – the peace of mind that Stiltz Home Lifts can be called upon whenever they need us, day or night.”
Stiltz Home Lifts has three partnering models; dealers can become Referral, Affiliate and Premier Partners. Training to become a Premier Partner is carried out at the purpose-built classroom facility at the Stiltz headquarters, in Kingswinford, West Midlands.

Mr. Farruggio added: “Our trade partners benefit from a partnership programme which is extremely flexible and based on the individual dealer’s capabilities, resources and skill sets. Dealers can choose to become an entry-level Stiltz Home Lifts Referral Partner, where they simply pass a lead on and, if it results in a sale, they receive a generous £1,000 per lead with added bonuses for multiple sales.

“Alternatively, if a dealer prefers to carry out the sales and marketing process but doesn’t have the resource for survey, installation and servicing, a mid-level Affiliate Partner programme arrangement is their best option. This is a much higher margin sales opportunity where dealers can earn a minimum of between £2,000 and £4,000 per sale.

“Finally, for dealers who are keen to undertake the full Stiltz Home Lift sales and installation process, the Premier Partner scheme is the one for them. Stiltz work closely with their Premier Partners to make sure they are fully prepared to undertake the full customer journey, offering end to end training and advantageous margins.”

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