Covid-19 Statement

These are exceptional times. With Coronavirus – Covid-19 - we all face an unprecedented global challenge. Stiltz Ltd. continue to review activities on a daily basis to comply with Government directives.

Stiltz is a proud member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) through which we are co-ordinating industry efforts to keep our customers mobile. Our priority is to ensure all current and prospective customers are able to maintain safe and independent access with the help of their homelift, as reducing accidents within the home at this time will, in turn, assist in reducing stress on the NHS hospital care system. We will endeavour to provide the expected levels of service and support to those seeking a new homelift installation or those requiring lift service/maintenance, while being mindful to minimise risk.

We have therefore implemented additional processes to mitigate risk to you, our staff and the wider Stiltz community:

As a matter of course, we will check with all customers and prospective customers requesting them to confirm nobody is unwell with Covid-19 at the property we are due to visit. If Covid-19 is confirmed, we will follow Government advice
All customer visits will be subject to additional sanitation measures. Stiltz staff will wash or sanitise their hands prior to entering your property, and upon leaving. They will not offer to shake hands, and will maintain the prescribed 2 metre distance
Regular health and safety bulletins will be issued to all office and field-based staff
All field-based staff will be asked, on a daily basis, to confirm they are clear to work as per NHS and Government Guidance
All staff who fall ill with Covid-19 or who are self-isolating, will receive full pay during the period they are indisposed.

Stiltz will closely monitor the situation and follow government advice at all times. Our priority is to manage customer and staff safety, whilst continuing to provide our customers with the necessary homecare support to ensure their valued independence.

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Our partners across the pond at Stiltz USA showed with a recent installation that there really are no limits to what you can achieve with a Stiltz Lift after one of their customers turned the Vista into a British red telephone box!

Mr and Mrs Lydic, from Somerset in Pennsylvania, wanted to buy a home lift for practical purposes as it suited their lifestyle due to the regular trips to the upstairs – and, thinking ahead, thought it would be good to get one installed now in readiness for use in later life.

A domestic lift would also be very helpful for their older friends who often required assistance getting up the Lydic’s stairs and carry luggage and other items.

But the couple wanted to make the lift as fun as possible and make it a statement when visitors came to their home – so as a lover of many things British – they decided that changing the lift so it looked like an iconic British telephone box would look brilliant!

With hydraulic elevators proving expensive and too many structural changes to their home needed to install a home lift, the Stiltz Lift, which is a totally unique non-hydraulic lift, was just perfect for the Lydic’s as it could be fitted almost anywhere in their home.

Powered by an electric motor system that sits on top of the lift, the home lift requires no load bearing walls as it travels via dual rails in the floor. With the benefit of a clear car body made from structural polycarbonate sheet, that is only included with the Vista model, the couple then set about turning it into a phone box.

From the internet, they purchased construction plans for the iconic K2 British pillar box red telephone box which the Lydic’s had made out of wood, minus the door, to go around the outside of the Stiltz Lift. They also added a wireless phone-jack for the cab telephone and covered the space between floors with white sheet metal to cover the exposed rafters.

Mr Lydic said: “Hydraulic elevators are hard to retro-fit to an existing house.  But for a Stiltz Elevator all that was needed was a hole in the floor (1040mm wide and 740mm depth) between the first and second floors and it didn’t have the disadvantages of the hydraulics.

“It also made creative enhancement of the cab more possible for us to turn it into a British red telephone box which adds a presentational uniqueness to our elevator. It really has exceeded our expectations, the installation went very well and we’re extremely satisfied.”

So the question is – what will you turn your Stiltz Lift into?!

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