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Love the one you’re with

It is said that home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is not in your home? If you feel the love for your house has ebbed away because it’s fighting with your mobility then it’s time to rekindle that spark and let Stiltz Homelifts help you learn to love again.

Stylish Solution

We can all do drastic things when a relationship breaks down and often all that’s needed is a calm review of the issues causing the problems. Moreover, when you find your mobility difficulties are at odds with being able to live well and confidently at home you can, reluctantly, find yourself turning to the property pages in search of an answer. But why not try to reignite the love instead? Experience tells us that one of the main reasons for contemplating something as drastic as selling up is when using the stairs becomes difficult. This can now be resolved simply with a stylish, contemporary accessibility solution.

Stiltz home lifts are an attractive addition to your home that will instantly relieve you of the stress involved in using stairs and is an investment towards your ability to live well at home for years to come. We call it, ageing in place, and installing a domestic lift in the home is fast becoming the smart way to continue living your best life in the home you love. The statistics back the trend. According to a survey from The Centre for Ageing Better, one in five people over 60 say that they would want a new home future-proofed for mobility issues. The joy of a home lift is you really don’t have to move to achieve this. No need to relinquish your friends, support network or years of memories; as a leading provider of domestic lifts, Stiltz Homelifts can transform your relationship with your home and it’s easier than you think.

Team Work

Almost no home is too small to accommodate a Stiltz domestic lift. Our compact, stand-alone solution doesn’t need complex installation, and to make the entire process as straightforward as possible, we can manage the whole project for you. We want you to love your Stiltz home lift not just for its impeccable performance but also for the way it looks in your home. Gone are the days of unattractive, cumbersome box lifts or old-fashioned stairlifts, now you can have a contemporary, next-generation through-floor lift that gives you a safe, seamless transfer between floors.

Stiltz Homelifts Valentines

Re-ignite the spark

Moving safely and independently around your home with ease is not just a tonic for your mental health and self-esteem but it will help bring back a touch of spontaneity into your life. Maybe – with the help of your home lift – Valentine’s Day could soon see you bringing your partner breakfast in bed? A romantic gesture you may not have been able to do anymore if using the stairs. Remember, just like any relationship worth having, your home needs nurturing too.

There’s no place like home and we know how to rekindle your bond with it. It’s what we love to do.

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