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A home is a lot more than just a building. The longer we live somewhere, the more it becomes a place filled with precious family memories and experiences, making it significantly harder to move on – should it not be possible to continue living there in later life.

However, with advancements in accessibility products for residential use continuing to improve, when moving between floors becomes challenging you can adjust your family home to manage these challenges, instead of uprooting and relocating.

Here are some points to consider to ensure your home is future-proofed;

Energy: Replacing outdated appliances and using more energy efficient models means your utility bills will benefit in the long term.

Technology: The continued growth of ‘Smart Home’ technology means you can now control lighting, heating and other electronic systems throughout the home using your mobile phone. Which will help to combat some of the challenges of limited mobility.

Accessibility: If your property has multiple floors, you may have to consider how you will move between levels when stairs become problematic. By installing a product such as a Stiltz Home Lift, you can eliminate that concern without it affecting the appearance of your home.

Planning Ahead: An essential part of future-proofing your family home, is making these changes before it becomes a necessity rather than waiting until it’s too late.

By waiting until the changes are essential to your independence you may end up with higher costs for faster delivery or having the additional stress of finding temporary housing whilst the work is taking place.
By thinking ahead and having the important changes made, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home is prepared for the future.

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