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Disability can be extremely testing. Not only are there physical restrictions to those who are disabled, the cost of living can be extremely high. Many may have considered a home lift but thought it out of their price range.

However some people may not be aware that a Disabled Facilities Grant can be given by local authorities to help adapt a home to make it suitable for a disabled person – and this includes for domestic lifts. Anything that can help a disabled person live a fulfilling and independent life can be covered with a disability grant, as long as the work is necessary for quality of life.

Products such as home lifts vastly improve the quality of life for disabled people as they can transport them from floor to floor without the trouble of using the stairs. For many people, using the stairs is simply impossible, so a domestic lift may be absolutely necessary for them to continue living in their homes.

To receive a Disabled Facilities Grant, the applicant must go through their local authority that will provide the money required for the work. Homeowners can apply personally, but even those who live in rented accommodation can apply for a grant through their landlords. The local authority in question will have a list of workmen who can help install a home lift although at Stiltz, for example, all the building work can be arranged.

To apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant simply visit: and enter your UK postcode. This should provide you with the relevant council’s contact details and a link to their website for more information.

A Disabled Facilities Grant offers a maximum of £30,000 but this figure can be topped up by local authorities for help with other home improvement projects.

Stiltz’s home lifts start from £9,990 (exc VAT) so the grant could easily cover the costs. Find out today if you are eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant, you may be surprised.

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