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Home Lifts Prices 2023:
How Much Does A Home Lift Cost

The average cost of installing a home lift into your home, ranges from £16,000 to £20,000.

Home Lifts Costs

How much does a lift cost to install into a UK domestic property is a common question or Google search for homeowners looking to add a home lift to their house. However, domestic lift prices are not always straightforward as it may depend on the model of home lift chosen, and whether it is a retrofit application, a bespoke install, or whether it require any features or optional extras. These things can all impact the total lift cost.

In order to provide a precise home lift price for your property in the UK, a home lift company will need to organise a convenient time for a surveyor to visit your house and carry out a site survey. They can also look at any drawings or plans you may have if you are installing into a new build property.

This allows the specialist to cost the domestic lift to your specific requirements – which can include location, size, whether you would like it to accommodate a wheelchair, how many floors you need it to travel, and any optional extras you wish to include. They will also assess the amount of building work needed. Most domestic lift installation costs include basic building work and installation. However, for complex or extensive building work to install home lifts, additional charges may be incurred which is why a home survey is needed.

Home Lifts Prices

What does a through floor lift cost? Home lifts including manufacture, delivery and installation can cost from £16,000 up to £20,000 plus depending on extras or any other special considerations. The range is broad because domestic lifts prices vary depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

If you require a standard retrofit, your domestic lifts cost will be towards the lower end of the lift cost scale, whereas if you require a complex installation, with a more bespoke service, you will be looking at the higher end in terms of investment.

What factors can determine home lift costs?

Lift cost for home with multiple floors: How many floors you would like your domestic lift to travel will have a bearing on the cost. For instance, if your property has a ground floor and first floor the cost to install home lifts will be less that if you want the home elevator to travel from ground to first to second floor as more materials and labour will be required to complete the installation of the latter.

Cost of home lift if you live in an older house: Whilst, of course, it is certainly possible to install a domestic lift into an older house, it requires a little more planning and there might be more potential obstacles along the way. With older properties, it is reasonable to assume a larger budget will be needed for a home lift project. This allows for a potentially more considered installation factoring in additional structural work and operating within conservation area or listed building guidelines.

Optional extras: Adding extras to a home lift purchase is much like buying a car, the more options you include; the more domestic lifts costs are likely to increase.

Residential lifts prices if architectural work is required: Some non-hydraulic home lifts arrive in modules and tend to be built up in situ, making easy work of low doorways or narrow access points. Hydraulic lifts on the other hand, may require a lift shaft, pit or machine room. Other types of lifts include those powered by a vacuum system whilst chain elevators which are operated by a chain and use counterweights to balance the lift may involve varying degrees of structural work, which may in turn push up the home lift cost.

House lifts cost for wheelchair use: If you require a lift to accommodate a wheelchair, the home lift price will go up due to the increase in size and width of the domestic lift car needed. The lift itself, will also require additional floor space to allow for turning a manual or powered wheelchair, and for other features, such as a ramp.

What is the least expensive type of home lift? Home lift costs hugely vary but unlike a hydraulic, traction or vacuum lift, non-hydraulic and compact electric domestic lifts tend to be available at competitive home lift prices.

Small house lift prices

Due to technological advances in the home lift industry, homeowners can now purchase domestic lifts with a very small footprint allowing them to fit into even the tightest of spaces within the home. Big or small, a home lift has been described as ‘life-changing’ by many users as it enables them to regain complete independence. Therefore, in that respect, installing domestic lift cost could be considered priceless.

Home lifts for sale – is a domestic lift a good investment?

Purchasing a home elevator can save you money as it can future-proof your property meaning you do not need to move home once stairs become a struggle. A home lift can also add value to your home by making it more attractive to a wider range of buyers. With benefits like these, as well as the promise of safe and reliable accessibility, buying a domestic lift should be considered an excellent investment. 

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