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Elderly homeowners looking to downsize when stairs become a challenge in their family home, can save more than £5,000 on moving costs by installing a Stiltz Home Lift.

At Stiltz Lifts, we have been able to help more and more people, typically over the age of 60, contemplating moving because of a mobility issue or desire to ‘future proof’ their property, make the simple house adaption and remain in the home they love.

We established the average house price for a detached property in the UK as being £325,000 according to data from the Land Registry and took research from Compare The Market who put the total average cost to move house at £18,250.

The price comparison site based this figure on £8,000 for estate agent fees (based on 2.5 per cent of the sale value), £1,500 for the average fees paid to solicitors and conveyancers, £6,250 on stamp duty (based on 3 per cent of the sale value), £500 for the average fees paid to property surveyors and £2,000 for the average fees paid to removal companies.

However with our entry Stiltz Duo Home Lift starting at £12,950, it means a customer can stay in the family home AND save £5,300 on moving costs.

The latest figures from the Nationwide Building Society’s house price index also show houses prices increasing by 0.3 per cent, this July, the second consecutive increase in two months. This could mean fees such as stamp duty could push the existing total average cost of moving to an even higher figure, for some homeowners.

Stiltz Lifts chairman Mike Lord said: “The figures show that people do not have to sell the family home just because the stairs have become restrictive.

“The financial cost of moving soon adds up; not to mention the emotional cost which cannot be measured in pounds and pence. Why move house and incur all the expense, stress and hassle when you don’t need to?

“A home lift can be installed in as little as one day and gives you complete access to every part of your home, while letting you take back the control to decide where you would like to live in your retirement.”

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