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A sensible purchase:
deciding on a home lift sooner rather than later is a wise choice

Are stairs getting in the way of your daily routine? Is it taking longer get up or down them or maybe you are now avoiding them altogether? If this is your experience right now, maybe it is time to consider a Stiltz Homelift.

Investing in a domestic lift is a very personal choice. There are no hard and fast rules outlining the best time to install one, so here are a few pointers to help you in the decision-making process.

An important question to ask yourself – and to answer honestly – is, ‘how mobile am I at the moment and is this likely to change in the future?’ Staunchly battling on, on the basis of use it or lose it, is a school of thought that can result in more harm than good.

The NHS recommends older adults are active daily to improve strength, balance and flexibility. However, if navigating the stairs leaves you unable to easily walk around the house, carry out basic household chores or do some light gardening, then a home lift would take the strain and restore your ability to do much needed light exercise.

Occupational therapist, Stuart Barrow explains: “Always be mindful of your capabilities, so if walking up the stairs is too much, then using an adaptation like a home lift means your confidence isn’t compromised and you’ll have the energy to do more worthwhile exercise without the risk of strain or a fall.”

Listening to your body and seeing how you feel the next day after activity is very important. Some daily activities can take it out of you more than others, but if using the stairs means you are unable to do other tasks that are vital to your wellbeing then a Stiltz domestic lift can help you rest and restore.

At Stiltz Homelifts we are firm believers that a home lift is, and will become even more so in the future, a standard piece of equipment in the home. Mike Lord, CEO of Stiltz Homelifts, calls it the ‘democratising of home lifts’. “We see them becoming an integral part of our homes, much like a dishwasher or a tumble dryer. The lift is there to make life easier; a practical and aesthetic piece of equipment and not just for a time of crisis.”

So put a spring back into your step with Stiltz and save your strength for the things that really matter.

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