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If you’re still recording instead of streaming and your dial is stuck on FM when most have moved into the digital age, then don’t despair; here’s a non-tech guide to what you need to know to make the leap.

Embrace change!
A seismic media evolution has taken place, and it’s been designed for everyone, not just young people. Now, you can watch or listen to a TV or radio programme when it suits you. Access to an exciting selection of programmes awaits, and you won’t need a technology degree to use it … but you might want to find someone to help get you started if your confidence is a little shaky.

Watch anytime, anywhere
Let’s begin with streaming TV and radio. Streaming is defined as ‘watching or listening to a programme when you want to rather than when it’s on live TV’. You may have heard it called, ‘watch on demand’. Your licence fee allows you to stream both TV and radio, but you will need internet access to do this. You can download apps (applications) such as iPlayer, ITV Hub, and BBC Sounds for free. These give you access to your choice of programmes through a smart TV, media streaming device such as Roku or Amazon Fire, laptop, tablet or smart speaker such as Alexa. You can still watch or listen live at any time, but if you happen to miss a crucial episode of The Archers, you can even listen to the latest goings on in Ambridge on your phone. A Mobile Phone is no longer just for calls and texts!

All major channels now offer a free app, giving so much choice; documentaries to old comedies, soap re-runs to classic movies. There is also the option of signing up to TV streaming companies like Netflix, Now TV or Prime. The beauty of these is they can be cancelled at any time. Now you can never say, ‘there’s nothing on TV!

21st Century Radio
So, what is a podcast? Essentially, a podcast is a radio programme, except it’s recorded specifically for access via the internet. A variety of people create and broadcast podcasts on an infinite number of subjects; celebrities, journalists, medical specialists, special interest groups, sports presenters and authors. It’s just a case of finding a topic that engages you. Try the BBC Sounds app as a starting point, but also consider downloading YouTube Music or Spotify for an even wider choice.

Not a leap of faith
Because Stiltz Homelifts are in touch with customers on a daily basis, we understand the transformative power of new technology and the way new ideas – such as our modern domestic lifts – can offer exciting alternatives. Imagine a world 12 years ago when the only option was a stairlift?  Embracing the new can be daunting, but we know the rewards are worth it. Even if the steps you take into the new digital media age are small ones, you’ll be making a giant leap into the wealth of entertainment the 21st Century has to offer … all from the comfort of your own home.

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