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One of the many benefits of owning a domestic lift such as the Stiltz Lift is that it is fantastic for carrying items upstairs.

This includes boxes, deliveries and other heavy objects. A home lift is also useful for lifting awkward items such as vacuum cleaners, laundry or anything else you need an extra pairs of hands for.

As an optional extra, customers can choose to include a fold down seat in their domestic lift. This means that things can be placed on the chair so they do not need to bend down to lift the objects off once the home lift has taken them to the upstairs of their home.

With a stairlift, for example, this type of device can only be used for lifting the user up and down the stairs and any other small items that the person can carry on their lap with them such as a handbag. Therefore, as well as a domestic lift providing a simple way of getting between floors, it is also a great asset for moving objects up and down stairs.

The Stiltz Lift includes two remote controls as standard to lift the objects between floors.  This is especially useful for users who are have mobility issues, are unable to carry large heavy items up and down stairs, or have back problems.

Indeed with Back Care Awareness Week in full flow this week, this is very relevant as according to recent research painful back and neck ache affects as many as four out of five people in the UK. That is a rise of more than 10 per cent in one year.

Back Care Awareness Week is a week-long event organised by Backcare, the charity for healthier backs, of which the aim is to raise awareness about the problems back pain can cause, as well as prevention and treatments.

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