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What is a Disabled Lift?

‘Disabled lift’ is a blanket term that covers a wide range of apparatus or equipment used to lift a person with mobility difficulties. The term can include platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, and even the traditional in-home stairlift. At Stiltz Home Lifts, where we offer a range of easily-installable, through-floor domestic lifts, the disabled lifts could mean nothing less than our market leading Stiltz Trio Home Lift which is a disabled access lift designed to provide users with a simple and easy way of moving between the floors of their home – all at the touch of a button.

Disabled Lifts by Stiltz

The Trio from Stiltz is an elegant and discreet disability lift, fitting seamlessly into all styles of home, whilst being roomy enough to comfortably accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. It is the largest lift in the Stiltz range but has the same reassuring hallmarks as all Stiltz products: quality, convenience and elegance. Benefitting from a heavier weight load and greater interior cab space than the smaller Stiltz lifts, the Trio is a disabled lift which can also carry an extra person or easily transport larger household items.

Compact and cleverly designed with unique lifting technology, unlike other disabled lifts, the Stiltz Trio Home Lift does not use noisy vacuum systems or hydraulics and is powered by a quiet electric motor-drive system contained neatly in the roof of the lift.

The Trio is the only disabled lift on the market that requires such a remarkably small space and can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home, from living room to main bedroom, in the space of a turning staircase to landing, or even cupboard to cupboard; the choice is yours. This unrivalled flexibility is due to the unique Stiltz dual rail technology which creates a self-supporting structure.

This means these disabled access lifts do not require an engine room or even load bearing walls. It is powered by plugging it straight into any standard 13amp power socket, just like a small household appliance, making this disability lift convenient to install and economic to run.

Stiltz Disability Lifts Model Range

Stiltz Trio Classic disabled lift

This is a larger and heavier weight-load version of best-selling original Stiltz Duo Classic Home Lift and includes many features as standard with additional options available.

Stiltz Trio Vista disabled lift

This offers all the same features as the Classic but the Stiltz Trio Vista disability lift is fitted with a clear body made from heavy-duty polycarbonate at the back to give it a contemporary look. The Trio Vista allows natural light to flood in if the home lift is placed in front of, or close to a window.

Stiltz Trio ThruCar disabled lift

Allowing users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift, made possible by the unique Stiltz dual rail technology, there are no other disability lifts of this kind on the market that is capable of having a double entry or ThruCar configuration. The Stiltz Trio ThruCar disability lift offers all the same features as the Classic.

Stiltz Trio+ disabled lift

The combination of style and luxury has been perfectly balanced, and the Stiltz Trio+ disabled lift has clear sides which enables it to blend seamlessly into the home. To make it even less intrusive the rails are cleverly and discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit.

Perfect for Users with Disabilities

The Stiltz Trio Home Lift is a home mobility solution for users with disabilities and in wheelchairs which seamlessly fits into the home and lifestyle. Compared to other home mobility devices available, which can be bulky, boxy, medical-looking, or cumbersome and unwieldy to use, the Stiltz Trio Home Lift puts the wheelchair user in control, enabling easy access to other floors with just a press of a button. As the surface of the lift is flush with the floor, getting in and out is as easy as travelling across the room, and the ride is smooth and effortless.

A Stiltz disability lift ensures that the whole home can be available to every member of the household, and no space is ‘out-of-bounds’ for a wheelchair user. The largest of the Stiltz lifts, the Trio can carry a carer at the same time as someone in a standard size wheelchair, meaning that those requiring round-the-clock care can be accompanied at all times.

Occupational therapists recommend Stiltz home lifts as an alternative to stairlifts, especially in cases where a stairlift would not be safe or suitable, and there someone has a degenerative condition, getting worse over time. With stairlifts the user often requires help getting on and off the seat, and they might need a wheelchair for both upstairs and downstairs. This means that a stairlift is less convenient and a wheelchair user can feel overly reliant on a carer. With Stiltz disabled lifts, however, the user has more independence, as it is so effortless to use.

Disabled lifts by Stiltz provide another convenient route between floors, aiding the flow of the house. And even better, it has been shown that the installation of a Stiltz disability lift can add value to a property.

Customers with Disabilities

Karis’s Story:

Criminology student Karis, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy had a Trio+ disabled lift installed in her sister’s home in order that they could live together otherwise she faced going into permanent care. Karis said: “At the touch of a button and with a little bit of pixie dust, I’m elevated from the ground floor without needing to be carried up the stairs.”

Karis’ big sister, Jo, was equally as impressed: “It’s a lovely looking lift that takes up little space in my property and has taken away the fear of falling when carrying my sister up and down the stairs.”

Dani’s Story:

Mother-of-two Dani Watts who suffered a catastrophic injury playing rugby which left her without the use of her legs, was able to modify their new family home to be fully accessible, thanks to the installation of a Stiltz Trio+ disability lift.

Dani said: “Before we had the Stiltz home lift fitted, my partner Pete had to give me a piggyback upstairs! The lift has totally changed my life. I can go to bed when I like, have a bath when I like…my independence is my life and that’s what my Stiltz disabled lift has given me.”

Peter’s Story

Peter Kilburn suffers from a rare neurological condition which leaves him with extreme ‘shakiness’ in his legs has been able to remain in his two-storey home thanks to one of Stiltz Trio+ disabled lifts.

Mr. Kilburn said: “We spoke to a couple of estate agents but, in the end, we couldn’t face a move. A stairlift was not an option for me because we didn’t like the way they look. I also felt nervous at the thought of sitting on a chair on the stairwell. I decided to go for one of the new disabled lifts by Stiltz. The lift has given me back full access to my home and has improved my life immeasurably. It’s great for carrying things up like suitcases. It looks good and is very easy to use. It’s a great idea.”

 Josh’s Story

Josh Boggi, an inspiring, ex-Royal engineer turned Invictus Games medal winner, who lost three limbs in a Taliban bomb blast in Afghanistan in 2010, installed his disability lift by Stiltz when he and his partner redesigned their home.

Josh said: “I wanted our home to look as normal as possible and not like a hospital with what can sometimes be unattractive looking disabled lifts and wet rooms. My Stiltz lift tucks into the corner and it looks really stylish. I only use my wheelchair if I have to, but the fact I can fit it in the lift is also good news for me. It’s a brilliant product and worth every penny – and you can’t put a price on quality of life.”

Matilda’s Story

Parents Paul and Rebecca Callaghan bought a Stiltz Trio Home Lift for their four-year-old daughter Matilda who suffers from a condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome – a rare neurological and skin disorder which causes learning difficulties, paralysis and seizures. Her parents wanted to find a disabled lift that was different from the stereotypical disability lifts – one that would not take up a lot of space and would complement their home environment. Mr. Callaghan said:

“We wanted a disabled lift that didn’t come across as one which was obviously for disabled people. My daughter has multiple disabilities but we wanted a disability lift that she felt would be used by everyone and shied away from the prejudice towards people with disabilities. Some disabled lift owners choose to hide their lift away or put them in a cupboard but we want our lift to be on display – it looks that good!”

How Much Does A Disabled Lift Cost?

Disabled lift prices in the UK vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The pricing of a Stiltz Trio disability lift varies depending on many factors including the model chosen, whether there are any bespoke elements to the lift and whether there are any home lift promotional offers at the time. Disabled access lift costs also depend on installation factors such as the home and position Stiltz are installing into, the complexity of the application, and the amount of building work needed to be undertaken. Customers will be provided with a quote following a pre-site survey. Many homeowners looking for a disabled lifts cost may be exempt from VAT due to health conditions and eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. The average cost of a Stiltz Trio Classic disabled lift is £15,950.

Disability lift costs become even more appealing compared to the potential outlay for moving house or for the person with disabilities to be placed in care. According to Valuing Care, it costs around £29,276 per year or £576 per week for the average weekly residential fees covering accommodation, food and basic care (not nursing). Often hospitals cannot release a patient with disabilities back to their own home until they are content that their home has the access requirements they need. In these cases, there is no price you can put on being at home compared with being hospital-bound.

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Occasionally, we’d like to send product information, promotions, newsletters and special offers by post or email. If you’d prefer NOT to receive these, please UNTICK the box.

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