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Stiltz Lifts was featured in TV’s Building The Dream on Channel 4 this month.

The Stiltz Duo Lift was shown as part of an ambitious self-build project by Barbara Neil highlighting its flexibility as a product that can be installed almost anywhere in a two-storey house.

Building The Dream is presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton who helps people build affordable dream homes. Luxton ventured out to Peebles in Scotland to discover how Barbara built her dream home which also needed to factor in a domestic lift for her elderly mother so she did not have any difficulty managing the stairs when she visited.

Originally, Barbara purchased the 10-acre and cottage plot in Peebles, Tweeddale, which is around 20 miles south of Edinburgh, in Scotland and sought planning permission for two new buildings – one a home and the other as stables for her horses.

But the planning department refused so she decided to put it all under one roof with a contemporary barn style house with wooden cladding, leaving the entire ground floor as stables.

We installed our home lift to provide access from the ground floor to the two-storey living space above which includes five bedrooms, three en-suite facilities and an open-planned kitchen and living area.

The Stiltz Duo Lift was ideal with its unique rail design and integrated drive system as it meant that it could be fitted without the need of a supporting wall and any unsightly hydraulic pumps or pipes. The drive system also removed the requirement for a machine room as the Duo simply plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13 amp power socket.

When Barbara finally moved into the property – after living in a caravan next to it for months while the building work was carried out – our home lift was invaluable for moving heavy boxes and objects between floors.

During the TV programme’s finale, the presenter is filmed walking into the barn and stables and travelling up in the Stiltz Duo Lift to greet Barbara and describing the lift as ‘very grand’. The house took 18 months to complete at a total cost of £445,000 and was valued at £550,000.

Stiltz Lifts Business Development Manager Lachlan Faulkner said: “We were delighted to see the Stiltz Lift feature on Building The Dream. Barbara Neil came to us with a very ambitious self-build project and we were pleased to be able to accommodate her with exactly the type of lift she required for her mother when she came to visit.

“The programme also showed that the Stiltz Lift is not just designed for people, it is also extremely useful for transporting items from one floor to the next, as was shown in the episode when Barbara moved in.

“The house is one of a kind and it was fantastic to see the final result at the end of the programme. It looked great and showed it was worth all that hard work.”

The full ‘Building The Dream’ episode is HERE

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