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Last month it was National Arthritis Week – an event by charity Arthritis Research UK, aimed at raising awareness about the condition.

Arthritis is reported to be one of the biggest causes of pain and disability in the United Kingdom and around 10 million people are said to be living in discomfort with it every day. It affects mostly the elderly but, also people of all ages, causing difficulty when standing, walking or lifting.

The aim of Arthritis Research UK’s event this year was to highlight how painful it can be for people with the condition and encourage sufferers to share their stories on its website.

Through their website and social media, the charity launched its new ‘Share your day, Shape our future’ campaign, to help guide the research it will fund in 2016 and it proved to be very popular.

As part of National Arthritis Week, we were able to share stories, via Twitter and Facebook of two Stiltz customers suffering with arthritis who spoke about how a Stiltz domestic lift had improved their lives.

The first story involved a husband talking about how, with his help, it was taking up to half an hour for his wife to climb their stairs due to rheumatoid arthritis of her knee. He spoke about how since the couple had had the home lift installed it had ‘transformed their lives’.

The second story we shared was told through the eyes of our customer’s daughter who was extremely pleased with how quickly the Stiltz domestic lift could be installed and the lack of disruption it caused. This meant her mother’s quality of life, so affected by her arthritis, could be instantly improved.

Here at Stiltz, we recognise that there are many reasons why users may need a home lift, and we hope by sharing our customers’ stories about arthritis during National Arthritis Week that it has meant that other sufferers have become aware of the many options out there (a home lift being just one of them), that can make their day-to-day lives much more comfortable.

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