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Many homeowners look to downsize to a bungalow when they start to have difficulties with the stairs.

But when people have spent decades living in a home they love, it can be very stressful and emotional moving house. Even the prospect of selling up can often be a daunting experience as it can be hard leaving friends and neighbours behind.

Moving to a new area can also be challenging as it may take time to adjust to new surroundings and get to know people. However now an increasing number of homeowners are beginning to realise that with a domestic lift there is no reason to move house.

A home lift, such as the Stiltz Duo Lift, can be installed almost anywhere in a home because of its unique features. Unlike other home lifts on the market, the Stiltz domestic lifts range do not use hydraulics so no complex structural work is required. There is also no need for the lift to be fixed to the wall or floor.

All Stiltz Home Lifts are powered by an electric motor that sits on the top of the lift and plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13 amp power socket. It travels using Stiltz’s innovative dual rail technology.

When moving house, it can be very expensive with stamp duty, cost to move, solicitors’ fees and survey fees all added in. This makes having a domestic lift installed an even more attractive option as it can be a very cost-effective solution.

Prices start from £11,950 including all standard site preparation work and standard installation costs for a Stiltz Lift. A Stiltz Lift is also an investment as it can add actual value to a property.

Refurbing a house can also be costly and building work may take a long time to complete and be very disruptive. But the intelligent design of the Stiltz Lift means that it can be fitted in a fraction of a time with a typical installation taking around a day.

More importantly, aside from not having to move home, there is the positive affect a home lift can have on a homeowner’s lifestyle and their independence. It is not only a very convenient solution but it means people can move between the upstairs and downstairs of the home easily and safely.

Stiltz also offers a wheelchair lift version, the Stiltz Trio Lift, as an option which is big enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair and has all the same benefits as its counterpart, the Stiltz Duo Lift.

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