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As well as helping people with mobility problems, a lift for the home can also have another benefit – it can add value to your property if you choose to sell it in the future.

Indeed such is the increase in the number of domestic lifts being installed in houses worldwide these days that people searching for a new home may unexpectedly find a lift in a house that an estate agent takes them to visit.

With the Stiltz Duo home lift starting at £9,990 + VAT excluding installation and building work – purchasing a through floor lift for the home can be an expensive purchase for some people.

The Stiltz wheelchairs lifts version of the Duo, the Trio Lift – which has a deeper and wider footprint to accommodate a standard wheelchair – costs £10,990 + VAT. For those people looking for a more luxurious lifestyle, the modern and sleek Stiltz Vista Lift – which is made of polycarbonate and designed to blend into existing furnishings without a trace is priced at £12,990 + VAT.

It is, of course, possible to take your Stiltz Home Lift with you if you decide to move house, as the lift can be ‘uninstalled’ and ‘reinstalled’ in your new property. As all of the lifts in the Stiltz Home Lifts range use a simple and easy structure including a unique dual rail system with no load bearing walls required – the lift can be taken apart by a lift specialist in around two hours.

Alternatively, Stiltz can arrange to sell the lift for you with the percentage of the value be paid straight back to you.

Yet if you decide to leave the home lift in the property then you could potentially expect to receive a return of around half of your outlay for the lift when you come to sell your property.

This could be because the homebuyer might have a pre-existing mobility problem and is looking for a solution or has a family relative who is finding that the stairs are becoming too much.  A ‘built-in’ home lift, therefore, could be an attractive proposition. Also if a stairlift is being used in either case at the previous property, that may no longer now be needed and could be sold on.

Alternatively, a homebuyer may just be searching for something innovative and special in their home, and a through floor lift can be a wonderful addition to any house. The Vista, for example, has a very futuristic feel to it and is minimalist and sophisticated. The Stiltz Duo and Vista home lifts have the smallest footprint of any residential lifts on the market.

But no matter what the reason is for having a home lift installed in your home, you can be sure that the property will be worth more when you come to sell it than it was before.