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There are so many health benefits associated with exercise, especially as we grow older. Remaining active helps us maintain a healthy weight, keep mobile and ensure muscles remain strong. Exercise also releases positive hormones which are great for mental wellbeing.

Exercising on a regular basis also reduces the danger of serious illnesses such as heart disease and helps people to remain independent for longer. However, exercise is rarely seen as fun. Which is why there is no better way to remain fit than by getting involved in a team sport you enjoy.

Team sports aren’t just beneficial for physical health, being part of a social group with the support and encouragement from other players gives you that feel-good factor. As you get older, the thought of taking up a new sport or restarting an old one can seem a little daunting, with the worry of not being able to learn quickly, or not being fit enough to take part.

But you do not need to worry, there is a sport for everyone. Whatever your fitness level, interests and abilities, there are team sports tailored to suit. At Stiltz Home Lifts, we have come up with a selection of the most popular sports that are suitable for people of all ages as a starting point to consider:

1. Swimming
If you suffer from any joint or mobility problems, then swimming would be a fantastic choice for you. It exercises the whole body, whilst the water supports the body’s movements and takes around 90 percent of the weight. This makes the movements less painful with the added benefit that water resistance helps build the supporting muscles. If you are a fan of swimming but do not enjoy solo sporting activities, you could look for aqua aerobics classes which use the support and resistance of the water to enhance exercise routines, or a water polo group which adds a competitive team element to the exercise.

2. Golfing
Golf is often considered a sedentary sport, but actually it’s a pretty great workout. The fresh air, considerable amount of walking around the course, and the workout to the brain due to the concentration needed to consider the shots makes it a beneficial sport, not to mention the well-publicised social aspects of the sport. If you do not have a lot of experience with golf and want to gain some confidence before hitting the course, there are lots of golf clubs that offer lessons for beginners.

3. Tennis
There is no shortage of health benefits when it comes to tennis. It helps increase your hand-eye coordination, which encourages the brain and body to work together. It also involves a lot of moving around the court, which is brilliant for cardio-vascular health, as well as helping to improve your balance – which could be an important asset in later life. Court-sports can be played all year round, indoors and out, and often local facilities offer senior leagues ensuring you can play with people of a similar age and ability.

4. Cycling
If you enjoy taking part in sporting activities with family or friends, then cycling is a great choice. You have control over your pace so can make sure it is manageable, it’s also easy on the joints, helps to improve balance and promotes mental health. Sometimes the weather won’t allow for cycling, in the colder months you could considering trying out a spinning class at your local gym, or set your own pace on a cycling machine.

5. Bowling
If you wanted to try something a little different but still get some exercise in, you could consider giving bowling a go. Bowling has surprising health benefits, promoting balance, coordination and muscle strengthening. It’s also an extremely social sport if you decide to become part of a bowling team.

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