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Newly-appointed Director of UK Operations, Darryl Cope, might be the fresh face at Stiltz Homelifts, but his hands-on tradesman background and rapid progression through senior management is perfect for this business-critical role. It will propel the Stiltz home lift customer experience to the next level.

Darryl’s unconventional path into board-level positions saw him start work as a joiner. After completing a degree in his spare time, he progressed through the ranks quickly. He’s proud to say he’s never lost touch with his roots. “I started my working life ‘on the tools’, and it’s been the anchor across everything I do,” he says, adding, “It’s where I derive a lot of my work ethic from.”

So, what attracted him to the role at Stiltz Homelifts? “The culture and values here really align with my own,” he says. “And we have a product that genuinely makes a positive impact on people’s lives. Our domestic lifts blow the competition out of the water; they really are game-changing. Ultimately we’re giving people their independence back, and that’s a great feeling. I also get a buzz from being part of a successful organisation.”

As Stiltz heads into an exciting period of expansion, Darryl’s role will be crucial to building on this success. Already famed for its unrivalled customer service, Stiltz plans to raise its bar even further; not easy when you expand a business, as Darryl explains. “I’m looking at how we scale up operations and not just maintain but raise service levels across the board. So many companies fail to do this because it’s the first thing to drop when volume increases. I will be focusing on the structure and processes,” he adds. “To ensure we scale up sustainably, I’ll be working with departments across the company from sales, technical support and construction through to schedulers, installers and after-care. I was briefed to fully immerse myself into the culture of Stiltz, visit the sites and engage with the build teams nationally. It’s been great. I’m in this for the long haul.”

Mike Lord, Stiltz Homelifts’ CEO, is delighted to welcome Darryl into the fold. “Our levels of service typically get equal billing with our products on review sites such as Trustpilot, but we know there is always room for taking that customer experience higher still,  and this is where Darryl’s role comes in.”

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