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During the mid 18th Century, many industries including Coal Mining, Iron Foundries and Steel Mills all underwent a transition to new manufacturing processes as part of the Industrial Revolution. As manufacturing increased locally in the West Midlands, this area more commonly became known as The Black Country, due to the heavy smoke and resulting soot coming out of the factories.

As well as a reputation for being one of the most industrialised part of the UK, The Black Country, and more specifically Kingswinford, is the place which Stiltz Home Lifts headquarters calls home.

Stiltz Headquarters is based on the Pensnett Estate in Kingswinford. The team moved into the 16,000 square feet building in 2016 with plans to stay there for 10 years. However, due to the success and growth of the business, a mere 4 years later they’re on the move again, but don’t worry, it’s only across the road.

The current building is bursting at the seams to the point temporary portacabins are being used as makeshift office space. With the spirit of ‘Industry Building’ in the air, Stiltz Home Lifts commissioned a purpose-built facility that will be a whopping 36,000 square feet in size (it could roughly fit 130 classic double-decker buses).

Mike Lord, CEO and Chairman of Stiltz said “Having recently relocated and upgraded our office in the South East, our brand-new worldwide headquarters in Kingswinford (West Midlands) is shaping up nicely. We have steadily been watching it take shape from ground up over the course of the year and we are now getting to the final touches and looking forward to moving in during mid-July 2020.”

This new building will become the brand new Worldwide Stiltz Headquarters and will boast a whole range of facilities. Included will be a state-of-the-art Training Hub, a global Research and Development Centre of Excellence plus a purpose-built showroom showcasing the range of Home Lifts available. Whilst continuing to host our Customer Service and Technical Teams, it will also become a hive of activity with increased levels of distribution of our Stiltz Home Lifts across the UK.

As of Monday 20th July, the new address will be:

Building E, Prime Point, Dandy Bank Road, Pensnett Estate, Kingswinford. DY6 7TD.

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