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Spring has arrived bringing with it a sense of new beginnings. As nature bursts back into life and the sun starts to make a welcome reappearance, the housing market also begins to hot up. This year, however, there’s evidence to show it could be wise to hold off from the rush to buy and sell.  This is especially true if you’ve become aware of a gradual reduction in your mobility during the winter months. Stiltz Homelifts look at why staying put and improving the home you currently live in, is the smart move when it comes to accessible living.

Is the grass greener?

Moving house is still classified as one of life’s most stressful events; finding a seller, putting in offers, being part of a chain and organising finances are all something you don’t enter into lightly. In reality, the grass is rarely greener on the other side especially if the answers you are looking for are right in front of you anyway! Mobility issues are cited as a key reason for moving home in later years. If you are finding walking a challenge, maybe you’re struggling to use the stairs and need to feel more independent again, then a Stiltz home lift should be your first thought.

A compact, stand-alone domestic lift such as the one manufactured and installed by Stiltz, offers a contemporary and attractive solution to moving safely between floors. It’s a smart alternative to old-fashioned and unattractive stairlifts. However, it’s not just the product that is exciting news for those seeking a solution for living well at home. Home lifts by Stiltz are an intuitive-to-use and fast-to-install solution to suit all budgets and best of all, you get to stay in the house you love.

What you need right now

Stiltz domestic lifts look impressive but due to the compact lift car size and freestanding design, will fit almost anywhere, in any style of home. And Stiltz can manage the whole build and installation process meaning you can get your life back on track in your much-loved home, quickly and effortlessly. No more waiting for an unpredictable housing chain or major remodelling work to be completed.

The housing market is difficult to predict during these uncertain times. Rising inflation, interest rates on the move and difficulties surrounding mortgage applications for those who were furloughed just adds more complexities to factor in for both buyers and sellers. So, what are the alternatives?

Despite seeming an attractive option, a retirement flat option might not be the panacea to your problems. Once you’ve factored in a reduction in space and difficulties for the family to stay over, consider the leasehold limitations that will not offer you the freehold freedoms you’ve probably been used to. And when it’s time to sell, the majority of management companies will charge an ‘exit’ fee. While extending to improve your existing home is always worth thinking about, construction materials have soared by as much as 60 per cent meaning spiralling costs are always a possibility. And quality tradesmen are booked up for months ahead so even if this is a route you chose, you may find an extension may not be ready for a long time. As for bungalows, a dwindling supply due to a lack of development of single-storey dwellings has meant choice is limited and prices are inflated.

According to Which News, the average price of basic moving costs is now around £12,000 a rise of almost £5,000 since the end of the stamp duty break. These financial issues alone are reasons to think about a Stiltz home lift.

As the largest provider of home lifts in the UK, Stiltz Homelifts can open your world back up, and you will gain an attractive addition to your home giving you the independent living you desire – right now.

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