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Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Home Lifts created and launched a radio advertising campaign focusing on London and the Home Counties in a bid to raise brand and product awareness for the company in the UK.

The home lift manufacturer’s new ad hit the airwaves in June on Classic FM which is the largest national commercial radio station in the country and attracts around six million listeners every week.

The radio campaign closely mirrored the hugely successful TV campaign which has been running since September 2018.

In addition to raising brand awareness directly with consumers, Stiltz Home Lifts UK Trade Sales Director, Gino Farruggio, believes the radio advertising will have positively impacted its authorised partners. Mr. Farruggio said: “The radio advertising campaign formed part of a strategy to raise the profile of Stiltz Home Lifts and our authorised partners will have massively benefitted from this. It highlights how serious we are about creating a mass-market accessible product, and that we continue to invest in different types of advertising as new ways to grow our business.”

Stiltz Home Lifts Head of Marketing, Yola Mealing, revealed Classic FM profiled strongly as a potential advertising platform because it has an audience which indexes as mature and this was a perfect match for a product such as Stiltz. The radio advertisement aired during a number of the station’s most popular shows, some with celebrity presenters such as Alan Titchmarsh, Myleene Klass and Alexander Armstrong.

Mrs. Mealing said: “Stiltz Home Lifts is extremely proud to have launched its first radio campaign on Classic FM. We are excited to be able to build on the success of our recent TV advertising. Using radio gave us the opportunity to connect directly with millions more customers who might be looking for a solution to their mobility needs.

“Radio is recognised for its ability to reach out to listeners with greater intimacy than television. People listen to the radio in the car where the ad experience can be very personal and close, or they might be preparing food in the kitchen or relaxing in the garden – all positive and family-focused activities. If listened to through headphones our ad is able to get close still to the listener. It was a quick and efficient way to build brand awareness with the potential to dig deeper than TV is able to.”

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