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Domestic lifts are becoming more and more popular in the UK as a solution for people with mobility problems. Lifts for the home are also attracting property owners who are looking for a more luxurious lifestyle and like the idea of a home lift as an addition to their house.

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For the elderly who are finding that the stairs are becoming too much or disabled people who are struggling to move around their homes independently, through floor lifts have become an affordable and alternative option to the stairlift.

But how much do domestic lifts cost? Few home lift companies list prices for domestic lifts in the UK. This could be for a number of reasons as it largely depends on which home lift you choose and what features it includes. However, average domestic lifts prices UK can massively vary. Installation and appropriate building works are sometimes not included.

For example, at Stiltz Lifts, we offer two types of home lifts including the Duo Lift and our wheelchair lifts option – the Trio. Pricing varies depending on the home we are installing into, the complexity of the installation, the amount of building work we will need to undertake, whether there are any bespoke elements to the lift and whether we are running any home lift promotional offers at the time. All our quoted costs exclude VAT but many homeowners who are looking to install our lifts are often exempt from VAT due to health conditions.

A bespoke curved stairlift is typically priced between £5,000 and £12,000 depending on the complexity of the staircase. In reality then, the starting cost for a ‘real’ through floor lift doesn’t come out significantly higher. The cost of a home lift also becomes even more appealing compared to the potential outlay for moving house or for an elderly person to be placed in care. According to Valuing Care, it costs around £29,276 per year or £576 per week for the average weekly residential fees covering accommodation, food and basic care (not nursing).

The size and dimensions of the home lift could also have an influence on cost as our Duo and Vista has a footprint of just 0.55 m2 floor area, while the Trio is larger and is 1046mm wide and 1278mm deep to accommodate a standard wheelchair. Domestic lift costs can also depend on whether the through floor lift is powered by hydraulics or is a vacuum lift, counter-weighted chain drive lift or a winding drum lift.

None of Stiltz’s home lifts use hydraulics or require load bearing walls and use a totally unique roped drum braked gear motor drive system. Its unique dual rail system creates a self-supporting structure with the weight of it and the lift carried in compression via the rails into the floor of the home. No extra external mechanisms are required.

All Stiltz lifts include several safety options such as top and bottom safety pans, weight, speed and out of balance sensors. There is also an interior seat to give users the option to sit down, two remote control units, interior LED down lights and cream exterior with matching interior lining and door colour.

However customers can choose their own colours and finishes for an additional cost. Other optional features include cordless telephone, perch seat and grab rail plus more…

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