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Future-proofing is a great phrase, it sounds positive and proactive, but just how can it help you when you are facing a challenging period of change? Here we look at how installing a home lift is not only a beneficial lifestyle choice that enables ‘ageing in place’, but can also harness your home’s potential.

Same home, new life

Change can be unsettling but it can also be an opportunity to embrace a new way of living. As we age, things creep up on us and increasing mobility challenges can be one of them. The last thing we want is to have to think about is moving because our home is working against us.

Trio+ Homelift
What is ageing in place?

Have you heard the phrase,  ‘ageing in place’? It basically means having the ability to live in your home and community safely, independently and comfortably. There are many compelling reasons to stay in your home. According to a survey carried out by the charity Independent Age, a lack of suitable housing stock means that you may struggle to find somewhere you love as much as your current home. In addition to this, there are all the hidden costs to moving, alongside being further away from your support network of friends, family, and your all-important social life. So, how do we solve this dilemma? Happily, the answers lay within your own home.

Access all areas

Ensuring no parts of your home are out of bounds to you is vital to retaining your independence. However, you can cast aside any notions of unsightly mobility aids and unattractive stair lifts because a domestic lift from Stiltz offers you a contemporary, stand-alone solution. We work with you to ensure your choice of home lift will blend with, and complement, your current décor, enhancing your interior. With a compact footprint, quiet travel and intelligent safety features, you will enjoy seamless access between floors with a Stiltz domestic lift. There are no awkward transitions getting in or out of a Stiltz Home Lift meaning you will feel unflustered and safe.

Benefits beyond safety

If we take a look at the benefits – asides from solving your mobility issues – then it starts to get interesting.

Installing a home lift is a much easier process than you would expect. We have fitted our domestic lifts in many different types of properties including a Grade II listed cottage, a 17th Century Farmhouse, a brand new ‘self-build’ – even a penthouse apartment! There is very little we haven’t encountered. We don’t have to worry about issues arising from difficult stair configurations; we bypass all of these problems and deliver a sleek, solution tailored for you.

A future-proofed home with a domestic lift installed also raises its attractiveness to any potential buyers should you wish to sell later on. A home lift is a particularly appealing proposition for the aptly-named, sandwich generation, who are dealing with the needs of visiting elderly relatives alongside supporting their younger generations. Another thought worth bearing in mind is that many new builds, city properties aimed at younger, affluent buyers are installing a home lift as a luxury feature, so it is exactly this type of addition that will be expected by future generations. The domestic lifts market is a fast-growing one that makes sense for so many different people.

Feeling confident to make these changes is an essential part of ageing in place, continuing to live well in the home you love, and we are there to guide you all of the way.

Read more on the Centre for Ageing Better website.

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