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Parents are primed for offspring leaving home; it’s a rite of passage that usually happens at the point university or work comes along. However, the last decade has seen a huge uptick in adult children remaining at home, meaning we’re navigating intergenerational co-habiting and experiencing ‘empty nest syndrome’ much later in life. Here the Stiltz Homelifts team, look at why this is happening and some ideas for flourishing during what can be an unsettling period.

Change Happens but Later
We seem to be waiting longer to achieve some of life’s major milestones like getting married or starting a family. Did you know the average age of a first-time house buyer is now 34. This, coupled with increasingly unaffordable rentals, and it’s no wonder living at home is an upward trend. ONS data shows a 13.6% rise in adult children continuing to live at home in the last ten years. This translates to almost 3.8 million families. So, when your children do finally leave, the upheaval can have so much more impact.

Staying Connected
Adjusting to this new way of living takes time. Stay connected with both your children and with your own circle of friends and acquaintances. Make sure to let your kids know you’re there for them. Keep in touch, but give them the freedom they need to spread their wings.

You’ll have to overcome the new quietness at home. If you live alone make sure to get out and socialise. If still at work it’s important to keep evenings and weekends full. Don’t get into a rut of just sitting at home all the time. Meeting friends, pilates, yoga, theatre or cinema trips, lunch dates or walks can all help establish a new routine based around YOUR needs.

Rekindle Relationships
For those living with a partner, embrace the space that’s once again your own – it’s probably been a long time! With just the two of you at home now why not concentrate on rekindling interests (maybe even passions!) that have taken a back seat over the years. Spontaneous date nights or trips away can suddenly be part of your plans; the world of mini-breaks and leisurely country pub lunches await.

Making your Home your Own Again
Redecorating is a simple way to update your home and refresh your lifestyle. If you’re left with spare bedrooms why not create a home-office or craft room? Add in a sofa bed and you’ll still have a bedroom should guests come to stay.

It’s also the best time to think about your home in the long term, especially for those who are starting to struggle with stairs. Stiltz Homelifts can help by offering safe, stress-free movement between floors with its range of domestic lifts. This is a simple solution to giving back confidence and a long-term future in the home you love, unlocking freedom and renewing independence.

When the children return for visits full of stories about their new lives, you can reveal your new lifestyle addition too. It’s not just new beginnings for them, it’s a whole new adventure for you too.

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