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Bungalows continue to be in very short supply, with fewer being built and younger families competing with downsizers – which leads to soaring property prices, as reported by the Telegraph.

Every day, we converse with countless individuals who have hit a roadblock in their efforts to relocate to a more ‘suitable’ property for their needs. However, we encourage you to approach this situation from a different perspective.

Why settle for less when you have already found the home you love? Why subject yourself to the exorbitant costs of relocating, which could potentially lead to a whole new set of issues down the road? Instead, choose to stay put and savour the wonders of your cherished abode.

Investing in a sophisticated and compact Stiltz Homelift is the perfect solution. You can continue to live independently in the home you cherish, which holds the most memories, and access to all floors without a problem.

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