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International Dog Day 26th August 2022.

It’s International Dog Day today and time for celebrating all things canine; what’s not to love about ‘Man’s best friend’?

Taking on a dog as a pet is more than just having a 4-legged, tail-wagging buddy around the house. Dog ownership can be a lifeline for those who might be living alone, living with mental health issues, who are isolated or who find getting out and making new friends a struggle.

Working dogs are also worth a mention. Every day, tens of thousands of dogs across the UK provide support to emergency services and to individuals who struggle to see, hear, or have a mental or physical disability. Increasingly, particular breeds of dogs which display calm characteristics are being trained as therapy dogs to visit with residents in medical facilities, rehabilitation centres or those living in long-term adult or elderly care settings.

Fun fact: Stiltz Homelifts customers have a special relationship with their dogs. So much so their pets often travel in the domestic lift alongside their owners. We even had a customer purchase one of our home lifts to help their elderly, arthritic pooch get upstairs alongside them, as the dog was unable to manage the stairs. Now that’s what we call canine love!

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