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As identified in a recent Guardian article, memory is a fundamental function that we require at a high level to continue living independently. As we age, our memory begins to decline, which can lead to the need to re-evaluate how we can continue to live independently. A dementia diagnosis can accelerate this decision.

A new 10-year study has suggested six lifestyle choices to help slow memory decline, with proof that over-60s who combine more healthy lifestyle choices share a lower probability of developing dementia or mild cognitive impairment relative to those who were least healthy. The study presents a healthy lifestyle score, calculated using six factors, including a healthy diet; regular exercise; active social contact; cognitive activity; non-smoking; and not drinking alcohol.

These healthy behaviours, combined with providing a safe environment at home for continued independent living, such as futureproofing the home with a Stiltz Homelift, can maintain the quality of life we desire in our senior years.

For more in-depth information on what defines the factors in a “healthy lifestyle score”, read more here.

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