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The Stiltz Group is today delighted to announce the launch of The Lifton Home Lift – a new and inspiring premium home lift brand.

Our flagship product, the Lifton Home Lift, is a stylish and luxurious home lift which provides the ultimate upgrade for any home; whether traditional or contemporary.

Lifton domestic lifts imposing and eye-catching lifestyle product aimed if you are looking to enhance your home environment with a solution that provides an easier way of moving between floors.

With the Lifton Home Lift, you can ‘future proof’ their property by living a full life in the family home you love. There is no longer any need to downsize to a single storey home or to build a ground floor extension when upstairs becomes a challenge.

Because of its compact and space-saving design, Lifton home lifts are very flexible and can fit discreetly into small spaces or room corners. It can be located in the stairwell, a galleried landing or even a cupboard. As it is a highly visual product, you may also choose to position it centre stage.

The home lift travels on unobtrusive and elegant self-supporting stilts using discreet wire rope hoists that guide the lift safely and quietly. In common with all Stiltz Home Lifts products, no load bearing walls are required. With a tiny footprint of less than a square metre, the LiftonDUO can beautifully complement any room or décor and allow the home owner to maximise their valuable floor space.

The Lifton domestic lift has an integrated drive system is neatly concealed in the lift roof space, no additional motors or machinery are needed. It uses a standard domestic power socket so is quick and easy to install. Two small, powerful remote controls are included with the lift. These enable the user to call the lift at any time, from either floor.

Safety is paramount with the LiftonDUO. Sensors fitted above and below the lift car detect obstructions and smoothly stop the car. Also included is a battery back-up in the event of power failure and the option of a full height door or half-height door with full-height safety light curtain. It also features attractive contemporary LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use at night.

Stiltz Group Commercial Director, Lachlan Faulkner said: “The new LiftonDUO is the ultimate in home lifts. It is a premium lifestyle product. This means our most discerning customers will not need to compromise on functionality, style or quality. We’ve worked hard on the design so it looks fantastic both upstairs and downstairs yet is ultra-easy to operate too.

“Our overall aim is to ensure homeowners live life as comfortably as possible. With the LiftonDUO, customers get to retain their valuable floor space and immediately gain greater mobility. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to remain in their family home for longer as well as enhancing the property’s usability and value.

“At Stiltz Group, we’re very excited about the Lifton Home Lift brand and the introduction of the LiftonDUO to the UK marketplace. We expect it to be a real ‘game changer’ in a number of ways as it breaks new ground in Home Lift design and manufacture. We also hope it will help our customers enjoy the positive benefits of living life in their family home, for years to come.”

For more information contact Lifton on 0330 222 0334 or visit

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