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When we launched the Stiltz Duo Lift as a ‘real’ through-floor lift for the home in 2010, there was minimal awareness surrounding home lifts.

But with more and more people, usually with mobility problems, now realising that having a domestic lift installed in the home is now a solution they are now turning to the home lift as an alternative to the ageing stairlift.

Over time, sales of general domestic lifts could even overtake stairlifts in the future such has been the rise in popularity with Stiltz Lifts themselves now having installed more than 150 units in the UK alone – with the lifts now also available in the USA.

As the original Stiltz Lift and entry-level model, the Duo is still the most popular in our Home Lifts range. One of its main advantages over the stairlift is that it can carry two passengers comfortably and take them up to one floor in less than 25 seconds.

With a stairlift, the common complaint from some users has been that they sometimes need assistance transferring on and off it whereas with a home lift this eliminates that problem. There are also no risks of falls and, with a lift in the home, the user can independently maneuver around the house without any help.

The Stiltz Duo Lift is different from other home lifts on the market as it does not use hydraulics and has a self-contained drive mechanism. It plugs into a normal 13 amp power socket just like any other household appliance. With its self-supporting structure and unique dual rail system, the lift does not require load bearing walls.

Offering the smallest footprint of any domestic lift on the market, the Duo can be fitted almost anywhere in the home – and with minimum building required can be installed in a day in most cases.

The lift comes with a white exterior with matching interior lining and door colour including standard woven cream colour carpet but there are a range of optional colours and finishes available at an additional cost to match any home décor or furnishings.

The Stiltz Duo Lift also has lots of intelligent safety features including top and bottom safety pans, overweight and speed and out of balance sensors. When considering the amount of service and maintenance costs involved when purchasing a stairlift, home lifts can also be much more affordable in the long run. To read more about Stiltz Lifts customers please visit our case studies page here:

Stiltz Lifts wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2014!

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